Month: May 2020

Flat Roof Gutter Systems For Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can vary greatly in building size and style but the vast majority of them have roofs that are flat. When it comes to flat roofs, stormwater drainage can be a challenge as there is no slope from a pitched roof to direct it to the gutters where it can be drained away from the building. Flat-roofed buildings do have a protective membrane to prevent leaks but it doesn’t mean they won’t happen. When water accumulates, it’s heavy and without a way to drain away, it could pose a huge hazard. Even small puddles tend to attract birds and be breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes and can promote fungal growth.

Why Your Gutters Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

Gutter guard install

Gutters are arguably one of the most important tools that a house can have to keep its integrity. Without them, water has nowhere to drain but down. Down the sides of the structure, seeping in where it can, and over time, just as the Colorado River wore away the Grand Canyon, water running down the side of a building can cause deterioration of siding, wood casings, and even cement where it causes cracks, and once they start, year after year, water gets in and freezes and makes them bigger. And big cracks lead to flooding basements and mold hazards.

The Patina of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are becoming a popular choice for homeowners and commercial businesses across the country. They’re historical, they add character, and they provide a long-term solution to stormwater runoff. Many people choose copper gutters for their durability and so they’ll never have to have gutters installed again (with proper maintenance, they can last a hundred years). But many others opt for copper gutters simply because of the color, that shiny-penny color, and the sea-green patina that it transforms into over time. It’s a stunning look on any home.