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Why Your Gutters Need to Be Cleaned Regularly


Gutters are arguably one of the most important tools that a house can have to keep its integrity.  Without them, water has nowhere to drain but down.  Down the sides of the structure, seeping in where it can, and over time, just as the Colorado River wore away the Grand Canyon, water running down the side of a building can cause deterioration of siding, wood casings, and even cement where it causes cracks, and once they start, year after year, water gets in and freezes and makes them bigger.  And big cracks lead to flooding basements and mold hazards.

If you have gutters but don’t have them regularly cleaned, you’re not out of the woods when it comes to water damage.  Clogs from leaves and debris build up and when water is blocked, it still needs to go down so it flows over the gutters, waterfalling to the ground.  This can also cause damage to the siding and structure of the home as well as lead to puddling on the ground, which can cause quick deterioration of your landscape or walkways.

Clogs may be a bad word as far as we’re concerned but if you’re an insect, bird, or mouse, the word is synonymous with “home”.  Insects, birds, and mice love to build their nests in clogged gutters because they have nesting materials and a water supply in the same place.

What To Look For

You may not be able to see a clog from the ground but often the clues are there.  Rotting door and window casings, dripping gutters, puddles around the house, or any water accumulating where it shouldn’t like in your basement or in your house are indicators of a clogging problem.

How Often You Should Clean Your Gutters

The frequency of cleanings is dependent on the trees in the area.  Leaves and needles may drop seasonally but large storms can bring down debris at any time.  Cleaning becomes necessary less often with proper leaf protection.

Leaf Protection

Leaf Protection, or gutter guards, can be installed on top of gutters to let water in and keep leaves and debris out.  They come in various styles like Micro Mesh, Perforated Aluminum, or Reverse-curve and can prevent future clogging of your gutters.

Cleaning gutters can be a disgusting and hazardous job which is why it’s best left to the professionals.  At Gutter Pros, our technicians will not only clean your gutters and downspouts efficiently and safely but they will also inspect them to make sure your gutters and seams are straight and sealed to keep them from leaking.  We also can install leaf protection so you won’t have to see us as often.

If you’re looking for a solution to leaf build-up in your gutters or your gutters just need a good cleaning, call the experts at GutterPros. We have several options when it comes to leaf protection, and we’re experts in commercial and copper gutters too. Call us today at (314)656-7195 and let us find the right one for you!