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Gutter Repair

Broken gutters lead to water damage that can cost you a ton of money, look awful, and even be a safety hazard. It’s not hard for a small problem with your gutters to become a major problem, and it’s important to get it fixed quickly. Some common problems include needing your gutters re-sealed or re-leveled.

Holes are usually pretty obvious problems, especially after a good rain. All you would need to do is walk outside and see if your gutters have any major leaks. It can be a little tougher to tell while it’s raining just because water is obviously falling everywhere so what seems like a leak could really just be the rain.

Our technicians use their experience and high-quality tools and material to ensure that your gutters are leak-free. The sealant that’s used is durable and water-resistant so that future rains won’t open it back up. The process is fairly quick and your gutters will be leak-free in no time!

Gutters can become uneven for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that they were installed incorrectly. More likely, it was caused by water pooling up from dirt and leaves, weakening the supports of the gutters and causing them to shift slightly. Gutters that are uneven won’t move water as quickly and will only continue to wear away, possibly even collapsing.

Again, our technicians are more than qualified to handle the task. Utilizing new technology, they measure the gutters and adjust them accordingly. Once everything is in place, they’ll smooth it out so that there is no awkward bridging, which means the water will run through it smoothly again.

You could very easily have problems with your gutters without even knowing it. Thankfully, we offer a FREE inspection service so we can identify problems before they can happen. Call Gutter Pros today and get your gutters patched up!