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Flat Roof Gutter Systems For Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can vary greatly in building size and style but the vast majority of them have roofs that are flat.  When it comes to flat roofs, stormwater drainage can be a challenge as there is no slope from a pitched roof to direct it to the gutters where it can be drained away from the building. Flat-roofed buildings do have a protective membrane to prevent leaks but it doesn’t mean they won’t happen.  When water accumulates, it’s heavy and without a way to drain away, it could pose a huge hazard.  Even small puddles tend to attract birds and be breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes and can promote fungal growth.

Often, another form of drainage is required to keep a commercial roof dry.

Gutter Systems

Gutters systems will channel water away from commercial buildings using gutters and downspouts.  Because commercial buildings are typically bigger than residences, they require larger gutters like box-style gutters that can handle a large volume of water without overflowing. The smaller half-rounds and K-style gutters you might have on your home may not be able to handle the amount of water that comes off a large commercial roof.

Scuppers are often used for flat-roofed buildings along with a gutter system.  Scuppers are holes often with spouts along the wall at the edge of a roof that allow water to shoot off the roof. Because water pouring off a building is hazardous, they often empty into the gutter system where the water can be safely drained away.

Internal Drains

Some commercial roofs have drains like the drain in a shower.  A drain at the top with a trap to catch debris connects to the internal water system where pipes drain it internally through the building.  This type is great for larger buildings and those that naturally pool at the center of the building.  Because the system is out of sight, they are popular with those who may not like the look of commercial gutters and want something more inconspicuous.  This type of system is considerably more expensive than traditional gutter and scupper systems.

Commercial gutter systems should always be installed and maintained by professionals because they know the appropriate size and style of gutter for your building as well as the specifications for stormwater runoff mitigation as required by local and state regulations.  Cleaning commercial gutters is a dangerous job that should only be handled by experienced and fully-insured technicians.  Often, commercial property owners will have their maintenance crews handle gutter cleaning duties but it isn’t advised as it puts workers in danger and could lead to a serious injury that could cost your company a lot in workman’s compensation or lawsuits.

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