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The Patina of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are becoming a popular choice for homeowners and commercial businesses across the country.  They’re historical, they add character, and they provide a long-term solution to stormwater runoff.  Many people choose copper gutters for their durability and so they’ll never have to have gutters installed again (with proper maintenance, they can last a hundred years).  But many others opt for copper gutters simply because of the color, that shiny-penny color, and the sea-green patina that it transforms into over time.  It’s a stunning look on any home.

Patina Transformation

The blue-green patina that forms on copper is from oxidation.  It occurs on the surface as soon as it is exposed to moisture and air and is actually a reaction that causes corrosion.  This corrosion protects the copper and as the years pass, more layers form creating a thick protective barrier on the copper.  If the copper gutters are installed in an arid, dry climate, it will take much longer (up to 20 years) for the patina to develop than on homes in a climate with more moisture (5 years).

Keeping the Copper

Some homeowners prefer the original bright copper color and want to stop the oxidation process from happening and this is done by keeping oxygen and moisture from the surface of the copper by using a sealer on the copper gutters.  There are different kinds and vary in expense and durability but all wear away over time and need to be reapplied.  If some areas wear away before reapplication, oxidation will begin and can result in uneven colors on the gutters.  If you’ve changed your mind along the way, even if you’ve sealed them, you can simply let them develop the lovely patina, you just have to wait for the sealant to wear off in the elements.

Restoring the Copper

If you have copper gutters that have turned green, and you don’t like the look, the oxidation can be reversed, it’s just a matter of removing that outer coating of patina which can be quite thick.  A power washer usually does the trick nicely but parts may need to be scrubbed by hand.  After the patina has been removed, the gutters can be sealed to keep the copper looking new.

Fasteners and Accessories

If you’re having copper gutters installed, downspouts, fasteners, and brackets must be copper as well, not only for continuity so they’re the same beautiful colors as the rest of the gutters but also so they’re as durable as the gutters themselves.  Other materials will look shabby and they won’t be as durable as the copper gutters.  One of the most fun aspects of copper gutters is that there are various copper accessories like rain chains and hoppers in various shapes and designs to add even more character to your gutter system.

Copper gutters need to be soldered together and should be installed by experienced professionals.  Copper gutters that are installed correctly and are properly maintained can last a century.  At GutterPros, our experienced technicians will install your copper gutters the right way the first time.  GutterPros does all things related to gutters, from copper gutters to commercial gutters to leaf protection to everything in between, and as always, customer satisfaction is our priority.  Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195 and see how copper gutters can transform your home.