Month: January 2023

Wintertime Maintenance

The St. Louis area is known for winters with brisk periods of cold weather and when the temperatures drop to zero or below for several days at a time, it can cause extreme damage to the integrity of a home or business. As of last year, St. Louis received from six to twelve inches of snow and the coldest reported temperature was negative four degrees! 

Why Hiring a Professional is the Best Option for Your Gutters

Owning a home comes with a large list of responsibilities from repairs, maintenance and costly routine payments to keep your home in the best condition. Doing your own home repairs may seem the best option to save money but they do come with their own risks and it’s best to evaluate which responsibility can be passed on to the professionals!

The Benefits of Winter Gutter Maintenance

Micromesh gutter guards

It’s the winter season which we all know to be the coldest time of the year! With plunging temperatures, icy weather and increased chances of snowfall accumulation, making sure your home is prepped for the winter conditions can be of great importance! Your home’s gutter system’s primary purpose is to prevent mold, mildew and other water damage by redirecting rainwater away from the siding and foundation. To ensure the best performance it’s best to complete routine maintenance throughout the year, especially during the colder months, to prevent any unexpected damage to your home.