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The Benefits of Winter Gutter Maintenance

It’s the winter season which we all know to be the coldest time of the year! With plunging temperatures, icy weather and increased chances of snowfall accumulation, making sure your home is prepped for the winter conditions can be of great importance! Your home’s gutter system’s primary purpose is to prevent mold, mildew and other water damage by redirecting rainwater away from the siding and foundation. To ensure the best performance it’s best to complete routine maintenance throughout the year, especially during the colder months, to prevent any unexpected damage to your home.

To fully enjoy the benefits that a gutter system can provide to your home, you must ensure the gutters are not clogged with leaves, twigs, ice, standing water or any other debris. You can better prepare your gutters for the winter by cleaning debris out routinely which will also allow for better inspection for wear and tear and help to determine if there are any problems that must be addressed prior to the winter months!

Here are a few benefits to routine maintenance that will ensure that your home’s gutter system works as intended:

  • Prevents Water Damage 
  • Eliminates Nests/Homes of Pests
  • Prevents Landscape Damage
  • Protect from Basement Flooding
  • Extend Roof Lifespan
  • Increase Gutter System Lifespan

Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and structural damage to your home. Gutters are important for channeling the water off of the roof and away from the foundation of the home, preventing flooding of foundation, roof leaks that can damage the ceiling, walls and flooring. Routine maintenance can help to ensure that these leaks do not happen, preventing any instability with your home.

Gutters are nice places for pests to call home, especially during the colder months. Nests that remain inside the gutter system can cause the system to clog and can also place added weight on the gutter which can cause breakage resulting in additional and more costly maintenance to not only the gutter system but to your home. 

It is possible to keep a clean gutter system when completing routine maintenance, but it should also be noted that climbing large heights on a ladder and maneuvering the tools necessary to clear debris can be risky and for some very dangerous.

 Proper maintenance will keep your house in tip-top shape and by hiring a professional to help you can avoid the risk and allow the skilled professionals to get the job done! By contacting Gutter Pros, you can be sure that you will be met with technicians who are experienced, friendly and skilled. We are here to help clear out any gunk, preventing any unnecessary damage in the future. If you are interested in professional gutter cleaning services, contact Gutter Pros today at (314) 656-7195 and allow our experienced technicians to help, leaving your gutters and your home looking better than ever! If you need a gutter service professional, contact Gutter Pros for a free consultation today!