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Wintertime Maintenance

The St. Louis area is known for winters with brisk periods of cold weather and when the temperatures drop to zero or below for several days at a time, it can cause extreme damage to the integrity of a home or business. As of last year, St. Louis received from six to twelve inches of snow and the coldest reported temperature was negative four degrees! 

Freezing temperatures and large snowfall can wreak havoc on a building. One of the most common types of property damage is caused by severe winter weather which causes roof damage, collapse due to snow, ice or sleet and water damage from burst pipes or clogged gutters. Most of these damages could be avoided with seasonal routine maintenance including taking the time to fully inspect the roof and gutter system of a home or business to see any signs of water leaks or clogs within the gutter system.

Usually debris such as leaves, twigs and animal nests cannot pass through with the flow of the gutter system which is what causes this debris to become trapped and keep the water from flowing freely down to the downspouts. This can cause extreme water damage not only to the roof of a building but also to its foundation. Gutters serve a purpose and when they cannot function properly, they begin to work insufficiently and start to cause more problems that take more time and money to fix properly. Making sure there are no clogs can help to lessen the chance of a bigger problem down the line.

Snowfall causes the most problems when it accumulates over time. During the winter months, every day is different regarding the weather and if there are large amounts of snow on the ground and sitting in the gutter system for large periods of time, it can add more pressure and put a strain on the gutter system. If the system is no longer functioning correctly due to being incorrectly attached to the roof of the building, it will pull away from the building and could potentially fall off – making it no use at all!

It is normal for the weather during the day to be much warmer, allowing any snowfall and ice to melt; however, by nightfall, the temperatures are back to freezing and the water that once was snow is now frozen. The more water buildup, especially in the downspouts of a gutter system, the more there becomes a risk for damaging a building’s foundation.

 Routine maintenance is key to avoiding any problems in the winter months but there are also some additional things you can do to prevent your gutter system from freezing up. Installing heat panels that run down the gutter can help to melt the snow before it becomes a bigger issue and investing in gutter guards can help prevent blockages and keep the water flowing, preventing ice from forming in the gutter system.

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