Month: January 2019

Beautify Your Home with Copper Gutters

Better to have gutter guards or not

Copper gutters are extremely durable.  Aluminum gutters can become dented and sag over time and vinyl gutters can crack.  Copper gutters, on the other hand, have the strength to hold up to the harshest weather conditions without obtaining damage.  With proper maintenance, copper gutters outlast them all and may even outlast the life of your house!

How New Commercial Gutters Can Improve the Value of Your Property

Micromesh gutter guards

Commercial gutters serve the same purpose as the gutters you have on your home.  They move water away from a building where it can cause damage. That damage is the same whether a commercial or residential property―cracks in the foundation that could lead to flooding, destruction of siding, leaking windows and doors, and landscape or asphalt damage, all of which are costly to repair.  

Is Your Leaf Protection Causing Ice Dams?

Ah, winter.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  The holidays, a fresh blanket of snow, a warm, a cozy fire… Unfortunately, all of this wonderfulness of winter also brings with the scourge of every person who owns a home―the dreaded ice dam.  The fear of ice dams cause homeowners to run… Read more »