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How New Commercial Gutters Can Improve the Value of Your Property

Commercial gutters serve the same purpose as the gutters you have on your home.  They move water away from a building where it can cause damage. That damage is the same whether a commercial or residential property―cracks in the foundation that could lead to flooding, destruction of siding, leaking windows and doors, and landscape or asphalt damage, all of which are costly to repair.  

There are other damages that are more difficult to quantify but are very real as well.  Worn out gutters damage your curb appeal. If customers think your property looks shabby, they’ll go to someone else who shows they value the outside of their property as much as they do what’s inside.  People want to be welcomed, not frightened away!

When having commercial gutters replaced or installed, commercial building codes and regulations must be followed.  Only specified materials may be used and strict guidelines must be followed as to how the stormwater drains so it doesn’t affect other businesses or overburden storm drains, leading to flooding in the surrounding areas.

Materials Used

Vinyl cannot be used in commercial gutters because they are not strong enough to hold the volume of water that typically comes from a commercial-sized roof.  They must be made of a stronger material such as 24-gauge galvanized steel or heavy aluminum. If properly installed by a professional, they’ll last for many years.  Aluminum is popular as well because it can be constructed in different thicknesses and is light-weight and won’t rust. Copper gutters are a good choice for commercial properties looking to add charm to their exterior.  People love the green patina that it develops and its charming appearance can bring in customers.


Box gutters are popular for commercial properties because they can handle a large volume of water.  Their one downside is that they may have more build-up of debris because of their box shape. K-style (shaped like the letter K) are often used because they look a little more stylish than the boxy type.   Gutters come in 5, 6, or 7-inch widths; the choice depends on the water volume of the building when it rains.

Where They’re Installed

Commercial gutters are installed differently than on your home where your gutters are installed right at the edge of your roof because that’s where the water flows down the roof’s slope.  Commercial buildings are typically flat or have a shallow slope and require drainage systems that your home would not. These drainage systems work with commercial gutters and downspouts to effectively remove storm runoff from the roof and away from the building where it can cause damage.   

The professional technicians at GutterPros are experts in commercial gutters and drainage systems.  We can design a gutter system that will blend in and be unnoticeable or one that will make the architectural features of your building stand out.  As always, our products are top quality at a competitive price, and we also provide maintenance on commercial or residential properties as well as installing gutters too.    

If your commercial gutters have seen better days,  call Gutter Pros today at (314)656-7195 and show your customers how attractive your property can be!   copper gutters to commercial gutters to leaf protection to everything in between and as always,