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Better to have gutter guards or not

Beautify Your Home with Copper Gutters

Nothing brings out the beauty of your home’s exterior quite like copper gutters.  They’re an easy way to add style and uniqueness to your home and if maintained, may never need replacing.  

They’re Strong.

Copper gutters are extremely durable.  Aluminum gutters can become dented and sag over time and vinyl gutters can crack.  Copper gutters, on the other hand, have the strength to hold up to the harshest weather conditions without obtaining damage.  With proper maintenance, copper gutters outlast them all and may even outlast the life of your house!

They’re Beautiful.

Whether it’s the pride a homeowner gets from an attractive home or the added value that it brings to a house when it goes up for sale, curb appeal is important for every homeowner.  Interesting landscape features, updated siding, a lush green lawn can give your home lovely curb appeal but nothing makes your home the envy of the neighbors quite like copper gutters.

The striking copper color shows off the architectural features of your home and over time, they develop a stunning green patina that will make your home a real showstopper.   Copper gutters are the perfect choice for older homes because they give them an authentic, timeless feel but the also work on newer homes, giving them a more distinguished look.

They’re an Investment.  

For many, copper gutters seem too expensive.  While they do cost a considerable amount more than aluminum or vinyl, they last much longer, as long as a century, if properly maintained, compared to 20 years vinyl and aluminum gutters.  If you invest in copper gutters and keep up with their maintenance, you may never have to replace your gutters again.

Professionally Installed.

It’s important to have your copper gutters installed by a professional who has a lot of experience installing them, like GutterPros of St. Louis.  The technicians at GutterPros have installed many copper gutters so they know how to handle them and how to design their setup to not only be effective and functional but also to look beautiful and make architectural features stand out.  

GutterPros’ technicians always use copper brackets, downspouts, and fittings to maintain continuity in the look of your gutters.  Using other materials for these parts might save a little money up front but they won’t look right and using other materials could cause the copper gutters to discolor.

If leaf and debris build-up is a concern (and why wouldn’t it be?), you don’t have to have aluminum gutter guards over your copper gutters, looking out of place.  Gutter guards come in copper too to perfectly match your copper gutters.

If you’re spending the extra money for beautiful gutters, don’t trust the installation to just anyone.  Just because a company installs gutters, it doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to install copper gutters.  GutterPros can install your copper gutters the right way the first time. The technicians at GutterPros do all things gutter, from copper gutters to commercial gutters to leaf protection to everything in between and as always, customer satisfaction is our priority.  Call GutterPros today at (314) 656-7195 and see how copper gutters can transform your home.