Month: October 2018

Make Your House a Showcase with Copper Gutters

Aluminum and vinyl gutters are cheap, durable, and easy to install.  That’s why so many people have them. Aluminum and vinyl gutters can blend in well on your home if they match your trim or house color.  They can blend in so well you don’t even notice they’re on there. That’s fine, if you’re into that sort of thing.

How Commercial Gutters Are Different

Micromesh gutter guards

Old gutters can cost your business a lot of money.  They leak and cost you money in expensive repairs to interior ceilings and walls, as well as outside to your sides, foundation, and landscape.  Your building’s curb appeal is important to your bottom line. It’s a reflection of your company and its beliefs and goals so it’s important that you make it neat and welcoming to potential clients.

Everyone Needs Leaf Protection!

As nature prepares for its long winter’s slumber, trees stop making food and their leaves break down and fall, blanketing the ground in color.  We put on extra layers of clothing as days become shorter and colder. Birds fly south and creatures large and small scurry off somewhere hidden to survive the harsh winter months…. Read more »

“Clog” is a 4-Letter Word

cleaning gutter gunk

The word “clog” is never used in a positive light.  You never hear, “Your garden is just clogged with beautiful flowers!” or “The sky is clogged with sunshine today!” or “Your child has a lovely smile―clogged with white teeth!”