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How Commercial Gutters Are Different

Old gutters can cost your business a lot of money.  They leak and cost you money in expensive repairs to interior ceilings and walls, as well as outside to your sides, foundation, and landscape.  Your building’s curb appeal is important to your bottom line. It’s a reflection of your company and its beliefs and goals so it’s important that you make it neat and welcoming to potential clients.

Replacing your old, shabby gutters is a good place to start.

Commercial gutters are different than residential ones.  Sure, they work the same way to channel water away from a building to avoid damages but commercial gutters are different from residential ones in many ways.  The main difference is that commercial buildings must follow different codes and regulations than residential ones. Only specific materials can be used and there are very strict guidelines to follow as to how the stormwater drains so it doesn’t affect other businesses or overburden storm drains, leading to flooding.


Unlike residential buildings, commercial buildings cannot have gutters made of vinyl because they are not strong enough to hold the volume of water that commercial gutters need to.  The most durable gutters are 24-gauge galvanized steel or heavy aluminum. They’re heavy so proper installation is vital to their longevity. Aluminum is also a popular choice for commercial gutters because it can be constructed in different thicknesses, it’s light-weight and won’t rust.  Although copper is a popular choice for residential buildings because of its charm and appearance, it can be used in commercial applications as well. The green patina that it develops can be a unique feature to your commercial building.

Shapes and Sizes

Many commercial installations use box gutters because of their ability to handle a large volume of water although they may accumulate more debris because of their shape.  Some commercial gutters are K-style which means they’re shaped like the letter K and looks a little more stylish than the box type. Gutters usually come in 5, 6, or 7-inch widths, depending on the water volume of the building.


On your home, your gutters are placed right at the edge of your roof where the water flows down the slope.  Commercial buildings, on the other hand, are often flat and require drainages systems that work in conjunction with commercial gutters and downspouts.  Sometimes scuppers are used as well, which are spouts that come out of the side of the building near the roof like the gargoyle spouts of Notre Dame but not nearly  as interesting.

Whether you want basic gutters that will simply blend in and do their job or you want something that will help to show your building in the best possible light, Gutter Pros can help.  Our industrial gutter services are affordable, professional, and always top quality. Why look at those shabby gutters and water stains any longer?  Call Gutter Pros today and (314)656-7195 and we’ll show you how you can save money on repairs and get an attractive, professional-looking building that’ll bring in more business!