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Everyone Needs Leaf Protection!

As nature prepares for its long winter’s slumber, trees stop making food and their leaves break down and fall, blanketing the ground in color.  We put on extra layers of clothing as days become shorter and colder. Birds fly south and creatures large and small scurry off somewhere hidden to survive the harsh winter months.

Outside, life slows and quiets…and you are left a zillion leaves to clean up.  The good news is that when you’re done with that, you can relax with a nice, warm beverage.

What’s that?  You still have to clean all those leaves out of your gutters?  Didn’t you get leaf protection? No, gutter guards. Don’t you have guards to keep all of those lovely leaves from clogging your gutters?

If you have gutters and you have leaves, you should consider leaf protection.  The right gutter guards can drastically reduce the need to get up on a rickety ladder and dredge the muck out of your gutters.  (Of course, we highly recommend having them professionally cleaned and inspected regularly because who wants to do that?)

Because variety is the spice of life, there are several types of leaf protection to choose from.  But before you consider them, you should think about the types of leaves you have around your home.  Are they mainly large leaf trees like maple? Do you have pine trees showering your house with needles?  Do you have oak trees that drop those annoying “tassels” each spring?

You should also consider the cost.  Some types of leaf protection are expensive and some are not.

There are Micro Mesh or Perforated Aluminum Guards that are placed over your gutters with holes that allow water to flow in while keeping leaves out.  Some attach under your shingles so before you go with that kind, you should make sure it won’t void your roof’s warranty if you have one.

Another type is Solid Gutter Covers or Reverse Curve Gutter Guards that are sheets of metal that hang over your gutters.  As water flows over the smooth curve, leaves and debris drop over the edge and onto the ground. They work well with leaves and sticks but needles can cling and cause a clog.

Other types of leaf protection go inside your gutters.  Foam Guards are inexpensive foam tubes that are simply cut to length and placed in the gutters.  They keep leaves out while letting water in so it can be diverted by your gutters. Their main problem is they tend to deteriorate and need replacing fairly often.  Brush Guards work the same way but they are long tubes made of bristle brushes. They’re a cheap form of leaf protection but tend to gather leaves instead of repelling them as they should.

When you have proper leaf protection, you are stopping potential expensive problems from happening.  Leaves build up in your gutters and as it rains, the muck becomes heavy (not to mention smelly) and cause your gutters to sag which in turn can cause them to break or leak.  If left through the winter, ice dams can form and cause pricey roof damage and leaks in the interior of your home. All of which can be prevented with some proactive-thinking leaf protection!

At GutterPros, we have several options when it comes to leaf protection.  Call us today at (314)656-7195 and let us find the right one for you!