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Why would I need 6 inch gutters?

There’s no doubt about the fact that you need gutters on your home. Gutters protect your home’s exterior and foundation from water damage by diverting rainwater away from your property. However, the size and style of gutters often cause a little bit of confusion when deciding on final gutter specifications. 5-inch gutters are generally sufficient for most small to mid-sized homes with an average roof pitch and surface area; although, there may be benefits to installing 6-inch gutters on these properties as well. The main benefit of oversized gutters is when they are installed on large homes as they prevent overflowing and other damage associated with gutters that are too small. Consulting with a responsible gutter service agency like GutterPros can be the best way to determine what size gutters would be appropriate for your home.

Why would I need 6 inch gutters?

You may find yourself asking, why would I need 6 inch gutters? Some cases that you would absolutely need 6-inch gutters include noticing overflowing when your gutters are not otherwise damaged or clogged, having a roof surface area of over 1400 square feet, and having a very steep roof pitch. As a rule, if you walk outside and notice that your smaller gutters are overflowing and you’re pretty sure they’re not clogged, it may be good to seek a consultation for 6-inch gutters. This is an action that should be completed swiftly, as overflowing gutters can lead to water stagnation at your foundation, which over time can cause it to fail.

Should I get 6 inch or 7 inch gutters?

For almost all residential homes that are a little too big for 5-inch gutters, 6-inch gutters should be fine. 7-inch gutters are almost solely relegated to commercial properties with huge expanses of roof surface area. Think about it this way, 6-inch gutters carry 40% more water by volume than 5-inch gutters. Unless your home is the size of a warehouse, 6-inch gutters should absolutely be sufficient for your purposes. However, in the case that you have a very large home with a very steep roof pitch and 6-inch gutters are not working for you, 7-inch gutters may be a possibility, but that is something you should speak to a responsible gutter service provider about. The labor cost to install gutters this large may increase though, so be sure to ask about pricing.

Should I upgrade to 6 inch gutters?

If your 5-inch gutters are overflowing or you’re installing gutters for the first time and have a large home with a steep roof pitch and a large roof surface area, you might need 6-inch gutters. If this is not the case, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to 6-inch gutters. However, there are many reasons why people would choose to upgrade to 6-inch gutters, including aesthetic value, reduced clogging, and resistance to damage. The decision is up to you, and your gutter service provider can help in providing clarity! 

Do you really need 6 inch gutters?

If your 5-inch gutters are overflowing, you absolutely need 6-inch gutters. However, if you’re only considering the six-inch gutters for the aesthetic value or for the reduced clogging, you may not need them, but it’s still valid to want 6-inch gutters as they do offer value for your home’s exterior appearance. Something to note is that 6-inch gutters do cost between 50 cents to a dollar more per foot than 5-inch gutters, but if your 5-inch gutters were overflowing, this investment pays off in peace of mind and reduced risk of foundation damage. You can verify this price increase by searching for 6-inch gutters at Home Depot or 6-inch gutters at Lowe’s, which proves that gutter companies are not overcharging for 6-inch gutters; they simply cost more per foot. In fact, most gutter services charge the same for installation. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the market for 6-inch gutters, you should speak with a responsible gutter service provider with many years of experience and a dedication to quality service before starting your project. If you’re unsure where to start in locating a responsible gutter service provider, check out the GutterPros website, and they can give you a free consultation!