Month: December 2022

Gutterly Gorgeous: Gutter Goals for the New Year

Your gutters give a huge aesthetic boost to your home, providing elegant contrasting lines against your already beautiful exterior. However, even more important than the aesthetic value of your gutters is their practical value. Your gutters protect your home’s walls and foundation from water damage that would otherwise occur if precipitation was not diverted away from your home’s exterior. Keeping up with your gutter maintenance is important for protecting your home and preserving the beauty that your gutters provide.

Up On the Housetop: Gutter Damage Prevention with Snow Guards

Santa won’t be the only thing up on the ho-ho-housetop this winter. Living in the Midwest, you are likely all too familiar with the snowy and icy conditions that come with the winter season. With an average of 18.6” of snowfall each winter, the colder months in St. Louis and surrounding areas are no joke. Generally, when gutter damage is discussed in the winter, most people are talking about issues related to ice dams and clogging, but another culprit for gutter damage is snow.

Benefits of a Professional Gutter Service

“I can do it myself!” We all say it, and sometimes it is very possible to do the work without any outside assistance, but some things require a little extra attention to detail that only professional experience can provide. When it comes to gutters, there are a lot of services that you can perform such as cleaning and light maintenance; however, not all gutter services should be performed by non-professionals.