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Up On the Housetop: Gutter Damage Prevention with Snow Guards

Santa won’t be the only thing up on the ho-ho-housetop this winter. Living in the Midwest, you are likely all too familiar with the snowy and icy conditions that come with the winter season. With an average of 18.6” of snowfall each winter, the colder months in St. Louis and surrounding areas are no joke. Generally, when gutter damage is discussed in the winter, most people are talking about issues related to ice dams and clogging, but another culprit for gutter damage is snow.

Even Happier Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration and spending time with family, enjoying the sounds and sights of the season: snow, crackling fires, and cheerful voices. Snow is very beautiful, it coats the world in a lovely pristine blanket, but that same blanket can collect on your roof and wreak havoc on your gutters once warmer days come around. In most cases your gutters and roof can handle melting snow very efficiently; however, sometimes there is more snowfall than anticipated, and that’s where it gets risky.

Having a strategy to deal with large quantities of snow and its subsequent melting is crucial to enjoying your holidays worry-free. Taking the time to evaluate the health of your gutters, as well as the state of your roof will give you peace of mind for the rest of winter.

Snowed In

When there is a heavy snowfall, your roof gets covered in a thick sheet of frozen water which will eventually melt. Usually, this water is carried away from your roof safely as the melting process is very slow, allowing ample time for your gutters to recover. However, in certain cases when there is a lot of snow on your roof, and a very warm period soon after, your roof will experience its own version of an avalanche. This sudden cascade of snow is a challenge for even the sturdiest gutters. 

Ready for Everything

The best way to prepare for a huge snowstorm is to make sure you have snow guards installed on your roof. Oftentimes these are advertised as protection for your roof and your exterior, but they serve an important role in keeping your gutters safe. Snow guards are easily installed by professionals and far cheaper than a gutter replacement. If you want to step up your winter game and keep your gutters safe from snow, you should contact your gutter service professional about snow guard options. If they are unable to perform the service, they can connect you with someone who can!

Final Thoughts

Winter is already here, but there is still time to make sure your gutters are safe from the dangers of snow. Gutter service professionals like those at GutterPros can help you protect your home year-round! Taking action to protect your gutters is a great way to preserve your investment in your home, saving time, money, and stress. If you need snow guards, or any other gutter service, contact GutterPros for a free consultation.