Month: March 2022

Is It Time for New Gutters?

Micromesh gutter guards

Aging happens to everyone, it’s the process where your hair starts to gray and thin, your skin starts to sag, and it gets harder to move around freely. Did you know that your gutters undergo a similar phase of life as they get older too? While your gutters don’t have hair or skin, and they were never particularly quick on their feet, your gutters certainly feel the effects of years being exposed to the elements. While sometimes this aging calls for a simple repair or cleaning, eventually a gutter replacement will be in order, but how do you know when that time is here?

Preparing for Spring Showers

As the adage goes, April showers bring May flowers. Even though we’re still solidly in winter, the time leading up to Spring is always incredibly exciting! Even though it is cold and damp, there is so much hope in the air because the promise of spring is about to come to fruition. The weather has not yet started to show signs of getting warmer, but it’s about to, and then the glorious spring season will arrive along with plenty of precipitation.

When Ice Isn’t Nice- A Guide to Handling Winter Gutter Emergencies

On February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of Winter. Unfortunately, that means there might still be time where your gutters are at risk of freezing from the bitter cold. In addition to Phil’s predictions, the months of February and March tend to see pretty cold weather at least periodically. These onsets of cold can wreak havoc on your gutters especially when combined with moisture from snowfall or freezing rain. This can cause ice to form in your gutters which can be very damaging if not removed promptly.