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Is It Time for New Gutters?

Aging happens to everyone, it’s the process where your hair starts to gray and thin, your skin starts to sag, and it gets harder to move around freely. Did you know that your gutters undergo a similar phase of life as they get older too? While your gutters don’t have hair or skin, and they were never particularly quick on their feet, your gutters certainly feel the effects of years being exposed to the elements. While sometimes this aging calls for a simple repair or cleaning, eventually a gutter replacement will be in order, but how do you know when that time is here?

Repairs and Replacement

Gutters are great! They keep your home safe from water that would otherwise be allowed to pool around your foundation and get into your home’s walls and lower levels– they really take one for the team. However, for them to work properly, they must be maintained. Gutter maintenance, servicing, cleaning, and repair can keep your gutters working like new for a long time. In fact, many aluminum and galvanized steel gutter systems last around 20 years, and copper gutters can stick around for 50! If you keep them healthy, your gutters will pay for themselves in keeping your home dry.

Even the most abiding gutters sometimes malfunction, and often a repair is for them, but at the end of their lifespan, it is a good idea to begin considering replacement options. This is especially true if your gutters are experiencing issues in more than one location in the system, like pulling away from your house, leaking excessively, and warping. Thankfully, gutter replacement is not a painful process, and can be quite exciting when you look at all the options available to you!


So, you think your gutters need to be replaced. What are the next steps? Scheduling a consultation with an experienced gutter service provider is a great first step, as they can inspect your gutter system, give you all your options, and provide a price estimate for their services. This is a simple process that only requires giving your gutter service a call and asking for a consultation, many companies provide free estimates like GutterPros!

Back to Normal

Once you’ve gotten your gutter replacement consultation and have decided on a style and material for your gutters, the next step is scheduling the service with your representative, and then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the professionals take over! An important thing to remember when choosing a service provider for your gutters is experience, policies, and customer reviews. Ensuring the business will care for your needs will help your gutter replacement go as smoothly as possible.

Protect Your Home

Gutters are the primary line of defense against rain causing damage to your foundations, keeping them happy, safe, and healthy will give your home the best chance at staying dry! Monitor your gutters for signs of damage including leaks, warping, and pulling away from your home, and give your gutter service a call if you notice any of these! If you are unsure where to start or need an experienced service provider to keep your home in tip top shape, contact GutterPros today for a free estimate!