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Preparing for Spring Showers

As the adage goes, April showers bring May flowers. Even though we’re still solidly in winter, the time leading up to Spring is always incredibly exciting! Even though it is cold and damp, there is so much hope in the air because the promise of spring is about to come to fruition. The weather has not yet started to show signs of getting warmer, but it’s about to, and then the glorious spring season will arrive along with plenty of precipitation.

It’s Never Too Early

Spring is the rainiest season of the year in temperate climates, and it’s something you learn to enjoy or at least tolerate. While splashing around in rain puddles may not be your cup of tea, being lulled to sleep by a gentle rain while in your nice warm house is a lovely experience. While you’re thinking about the nice features of Spring, it’s a good idea to plan for what the season entails.

The rains of spring often bring multiple inches of water to the surface of earth in a very short period, and this can pose a significant challenge to your gutters if they are damaged, clogged, or in need of maintenance. Your gutters are tough, but they are sometimes sensitive to changes in weather, wind, and the effects of time. As they age, it’s important to monitor the health of your gutters to check and make sure there are no leaks, the downspouts are flowing unobstructed, and the gutters are secured tightly to your home.

Here Comes the Sun

The winter winds are no longer howling, and the sun is starting to warm the ground more each day, soon enough the early spring flowers will be in bloom! As the sun emerges, there will be some great opportunities to inspect your gutters and make sure they will be ready for the rain! Three simple steps to inspecting your gutters are,

  • Walk around the perimeter of your home checking for any separation of your gutters.
  • Using a water hose, or on a rainy day, check for leaks and monitor your downspouts to make sure water is flowing properly.
  • Check for standing or slow water in your gutters.

These are simple steps that can save you money and time because monitoring your gutters for problems will allow you to take action to stop little issues before they get out of hand. Taking care of your gutters will help them last for years to come, keeping your home safe, dry, and ready to tackle any rain that comes their way.

Up To Par

The days are slowly starting to get longer, and the rains are almost here, so now is your time to get ready for Spring. In addition to your Spring-cleaning traditions, you should include your gutters so that all parts of your home are ready for the season. If you feel unsure about checking up on the health of your gutters or need a repair or replacement, you should talk to your local gutter service provider. If you need an experienced gutter service, contact GutterPros today for a free estimate!