Month: November 2021

Are Heated Gutters Worth It?

Technology has certainly changed the home improvement area with things like enhanced security, smart home features, and more. One of those changes surprisingly comes with your gutters. You can not get heated gutters to prevent ice buildup and heavy snow from weighing them down. 

The Real Deal on Gutter Guards

Nothing is worse than trying to be sold extras or add ons in an industry that you aren’t familiar with. It’s like when you go to a car mechanic and you aren’t sure whether you really need to upgrade your oil for the car or add on a new vent. The same can be said for gutter guards and whether they are necessary or not. 

Winter Storms Ahead: Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters isn’t the most fun project out there. Trying to clean your gutters in the winter is a whole other ordeal. Scraping and trying to unblock the gutters when things start to freeze is not easy.