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Are Heated Gutters Worth It?

Technology has certainly changed the home improvement area with things like enhanced security, smart home features, and more. One of those changes surprisingly comes with your gutters. You can not get heated gutters to prevent ice buildup and heavy snow from weighing them down. 

But is that additional expense really worth it? While it’s not quite as intense as a heated driveway it serves the same function of keeping snow from mounting there. 

How Do They Work?

Heated gutters are a simple concept to grasp. But there are two main types of gutter heaters that have some real differences in the way they operate. 

  • Constant Wattage – This means that the entire system will always give out the desired temperature controlled by a thermostat. 
  • Self-Regulating – This type of system is responsive to the outside conditions. The older it gets the more it will heat up. This is an energy-efficient response. 

Spending on which one you get will depend on the amount of management you will need. Self-regulating obviously works on their own while constant wattage is something you will want to control and look after more frequently. 

Who Are They For?

The gutter guard or gutter that heats so that they don’t have to worry about ice dams. It may be obvious that those living in areas that receive a lot of snow should really consider this to be an option. But even those who do live and snow, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need one. 

These are the incentives for getting one. 

You Have Trouble Cleaning the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is not the safest job so if you are older or you struggle to get the gutters cleaned then having this during the winter is helpful. No need to brush all the snow off yourself because it will never amount to anything. Now you’ll have easy access to whatever slips inside. 

You Care for Convenience

If you’re someone who loves investing in smart home technology for more of a convenience then heated gutters are for you. You may not have an issue cleaning out the gutters but this certainly puts you one step ahead. 

Name the Price

If you want to decide whether heated gutters are worth it or not, go through this list and see what matters more to you. The investment may not be cheap but you could be thanking yourself for not having to brush the snow off or have potential problems down the road from backup. 

If you do choose to go that route make sure to go over what type of heated gutter is going to be the best option for you. Self-regulated monitors are environmentally friendly and do all the work for you. They are the most convenient option. Constant wattage however can be controlled with a thermostat. 

Whether or not they are the real deal is up to you. Most customers who have installed them having complained as they are a more luxury addition to having gutters.