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Winter Storms Ahead: Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters isn’t the most fun project out there. Trying to clean your gutters in the winter is a whole other ordeal. Scraping and trying to unblock the gutters when things start to freeze is not easy.

But you certainly don’t want to damage your gutters by trying to force them. That’s why we offer some of the best tips and tricks to making sure your gutters stay clean during winter storms.

Get Ahead of It

When fall starts to come to a head then we know that there is a chance of snow on any given day. We may see some days hit the 50’s followed by a big storm the next. That’s when leaves, twigs, and other debris can get caught and frozen in the gutters.

Get ahead of it by scoping out what’s in there before a big storm and getting rid of it. Most people just dump leaves and other things on the ground but what happens is a little wind or chipmunk may take them right back to where you removed them from.

Warm Water

If a snowstorm has already passed by and you know there is debris stuck in your gutters you can still get it out. When things start to melt you can remove the blockage so the water can drain or you can use this little hack.

You can take a little bit of warm water and melt the ice and snow to gain access to the parts you want to remove. This will loosen everything up just enough to get it out. If the water is not warm enough and it’s freezing outside you may just end up with more ice. Make sure it’s pretty warm or even hot to get the ice to melt.

TIP: Boiling waterworks but can be more dangerous when you are working on a letter to get the gutters. Hot will do just fine.

Scoop Tools

Digging out clumps of debris with your hands can be tough. Especially when it’s cold and they are clumped together. Use a plastic scoop to really get things out. It’s important to use metal because you may chip and break the cutters. When it’s freezing it’s better not to force it.

If you force it or use metal you could end up cracking the gutters completely. That’s why warm water is a good starting point. After that, even a hard rubber material would be helpful in getting the debris out.

Some Build Up Is Ok

Sometimes there is not a lot we can do when it’s constantly hailing blizzards outside. A few leaves here and there aren’t going to ruin the gutters and cause flooding. If you leave totally blocked gutters however before the big storm, you are going to run into some serious draining issues once the snow starts to melt.

So don’t worry about cleaning your gutters every day in the winter but do check on them occasionally to make sure they are ready to go before a big storm.