Month: September 2021

Why Do I Have Stained Gutters?

Have you noticed vertical dark, dirt-like lines running down your gutters? If so, this is called tiger striping which means your gutters are stained. You may now be wondering why you have stained gutters to begin with and how it even happens. Stained gutters occur quite easily and simply. The dirt, pollen, pollutants, and petroleum-based run-off from your home’s roof drips down and attaches to water or dew droplets that develop on the lip of your gutter. After a while, this can result in build-up and staining which can then cause tiger striping. 

Gutter Issues During Rainfall

Although it may seem like a hassle and a nuisance to stand out in the rain, the best time to see if your gutters are working correctly is during rainy days. This is because rain can expose gutter problems you might be having. Whether you look out the window or stand in the rain, inspect your gutter system the next time it rains. If you see any of the following, it could mean your gutter system is not working properly. 

How Climate Change Affects Your Gutters

It is scientifically proven that climate change affects every part of our planet’s ecosystem, including the water cycle. Climate change raises the risk of heavy rains and extreme droughts, and since precipitation is extremely dependent on temperature, changes in it can have huge consequences on the water cycle.