Month: March 2021

Gutter Accessories and Terminology

Have you ever wondered what certain parts of your gutter system are and what their purpose is? Or what the accessories are truly for? Just like other parts of your house, such as windows and doors, gutters have a variety of parts that connect to one another in order for them to work correctly. Gutters may appear to be a simple apparatus; however, they are more advanced than they seem and have many key aspects that work together in how the gutter system works as a whole.

How to Determine if Your Underground Gutter Drain is Clogged

You may be asking yourself, “What is an underground drain?” An underground drain is a drain that goes underground and is connected to gutter downspouts. The main reason for this drain is to re-direct water away from the home, most often to the street or sidewalk. In some instances, they are even connected to the sewer line underground.

Fascia Board Damage: What You Need to Know

Fascia boards are the long, straight white trim boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. It is secured directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and does much of the work of providing support to the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles. The gutters are also mounted to the fascia board and carries all of the guttering. The main job of a fascia board is to stop water from going into the walls and to cover and protect the exposed rafters. By doing so, it gives the home a finished look as well as prevents insects, birds, squirrels, etc. from getting in.