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Gutter Accessories and Terminology


Have you ever wondered what certain parts of your gutter system are and what their purpose is? Or what the accessories are truly for? Just like other parts of your house, such as windows and doors, gutters have a variety of parts that connect to one another in order for them to work correctly. Gutters may appear to be a simple apparatus; however, they are more advanced than they seem and have many key aspects that work together in how the gutter system works as a whole.

Whether you are looking to pick out a gutter system for your new house, upgrade the existing one, or replace a few parts, knowing exactly what you are looking for can get confusing. To help you have a better understanding, the following information will give you an idea as to what each part is and what it does.

Parts of the Gutter System

Rain Gutter

The rain gutter is the most vital part of the gutter system. It goes horizontally along the edge of the roof and collects water to guide it away from the house. The main purpose of gutters is to stop water from eroding your home’s foundation, as well as preventing the water from running down the outside wall and potentially damaging your home’s exterior.


Downspouts are the vertical pipes that guide the water from the gutter to the ground. They are also known as waterspouts, down pipes, drain spouts, or drainpipes.

Gutter Accessories

Outside Miter Box

When there are two sections of gutter that meet at a corner on the outside of the house, they are connected together by a miter box. It is called an outside miter box because the corner is on the outer edge of the home. Miter boxes are corner joints for gutters where the two sections slide into the box like sleeves.

Inside Miter Box

When two sections of gutter come together at an inside corner, they are connected together by an inside miter box. The two sections slide into the sleeves of the miter and are sealed.

Strip Miter

Strip miters serve the same purpose as miter boxes. The only difference is that a strip miter is a small strip instead of a big box. They are a small sleeve that covers the seam and can be used for inside or outside corners.

End Cap

End caps are placed on the ends of gutter sections for a finished look. They also stop water from leaking out once they are sealed correctly.

Slip Joint

A slip joint is used to cover the seam once the two sectional gutters are joined together on a straight wall.

Gutter Splash Guard

Some houses have issues where water splashes up over the gutters. Splash guards can be added to the existing gutter, so water goes back into the gutter.

Gutter systems can be complicated with the many different accessories that go along with it. You want to make sure everything is sealed and connected properly. In order to do so, it is the best option to hire a professional. GutterPros has many years of experience in the gutter industry. Our employees are dedicated professionals who make sure your gutters are what you want and done the way you want it. Call us today at (314) 656-7195 so we can help you!