Month: October 2019

The Best Materials for Your Gutters

Better to have gutter guards or not

Most people don’t give much thought to gutters.  Gutters just exist, quietly doing their job of draining stormwater away from your house.  This job, however, is more important than you may think. Without gutters, water would run off the roof to the ground below where it would cause puddles that ruin your landscaping.  The water would splash against the foundation causing cracks that can fill with water during the winter, expanding as it freezes, causing further damage to your foundation walls. Wood casings around doors and windows would begin to rot and leak.  

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Property

That crisp chill in the air is a reminder that Old Man Winter will be coming along before you know it.  Will he be relaxed and chill this year or will he be raging maniac? Not even the Old Farmer’s Almanac knows for sure.   That’s why it’s important to get your commercial property ready for the cold, winter months while you still can.

It’s Never Too Late for Leaf Protection

Fall is in full swing.  Summer’s green turned to fall’s orange and before winter’s white arrives, everything has settled into faded, brown limbo.  As you clean the mounds of muck out of your gutters as part of your winter preparations, you curse yourself because you know there’s a better way.  You’ve seen the commercials on tv and all over the Gutter Pros blog. Leaf protection.  If only you’d listened, and had gutter guards installed in the spring.  Now, it’s fall and you’re stuck with the muck.