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The Best Materials for Your Gutters

Most people don’t give much thought to gutters.  Gutters just exist, quietly doing their job of draining stormwater away from your house.  This job, however, is more important than you may think. Without gutters, water would run off the roof to the ground below where it would cause puddles that ruin your landscaping.  The water would splash against the foundation causing cracks that can fill with water during the winter, expanding as it freezes, causing further damage to your foundation walls. Wood casings around doors and windows would begin to rot and leak.  

So when it comes to gutters, you should be giving them a lot of thought because they’re an important part of your home.  If you don’t have gutters, or your current ones have seen better days, the right time to install or replace them is now, before the rain can cause further damage.  

The type of material you decide to use is an important one and there are several to choose from. 


Vinyl is a popular choice for gutter material because it’s cheap.  Vinyl is extremely lightweight, easy to work with, and can be made seamless on-site.  Aside from price, people like vinyl gutters because they don’t have to ever worry about them rusting or corroding.  

The downside to vinyl as a material for gutters is that they can become brittle over time or in extreme climates and poor installation can cause vinyl gutters to sag or break.  The life of vinyl gutters is usually 20 years.


Like vinyl, aluminum is another popular material choice for gutters.  They’re relatively lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum gutters hold up well in cold and hot temperatures, they can be painted, and they can be manufactured to be seamless.  

The problem with aluminum gutters is that they can be easily dented by debris or anything else that may hit them.  They also generally last 20 years.


Copper is a beautiful material that has been used ornamentally for thousands of years.  Copper gutters show off the architectural features of your home. Instead of fading into the background like other types of gutters, copper gutters are meant to stand out and make a statement.  And that statement is, “Look at my gorgeous home!” They add value and curb appeal to any home. The vibrant penny color turns to a lovely green patina over time that makes your home even more stunning.  

The only downside to copper gutters is their initial expense.  Copper gutters have a much higher upfront cost than their vinyl or aluminum counterparts but if you have copper gutters installed, you may never have to buy gutters again.  When properly maintained, copper gutters can last a century! That initial investment could get you a lifespan that is 5 times longer than aluminum or vinyl. Copper gutters are as strong as they are beautiful and are durable enough to hold up against the harshest weather conditions. 

Copper gutters should be installed by a professional with a lot of experience working with gutters.  Seams require soldering and copper can be difficult to work with. When installed and maintained by a professional, your copper gutters will beautify your home for a lifetime.  Or two.

At Gutter Pros, our trusted technicians are skilled in the installation and maintenance of copper gutters, as well as other types of gutters, leaf protection, and commercial gutters.  Our customer satisfaction is most important to us so call us today and see how copper gutters can transform your home into a showcase.