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edge of roof covered in icicles

Do people clean gutters in the winter?

Maintaining a home’s gutter system year-round can alleviate the need to tend to gutters in the cold months. Keeping gutters free of dirt and debris, like leaves and twigs, will allow water to move freely and deter the buildup of excessive snow and ice dams. 

Do people clean gutters in the winter

Although not an ideal time of year, gutters can be cleaned in the winter to remove ice dams and snow that may have built up during inclement weather. Cleaning during cold weather months should not be a deep cleaning of the gutters. This will be a temporary cleaning that can be done from the ground to allow water to flow freely within the gutters and downspouts. The best time to clean the roof and gutters is after a snow or ice storm. This will remove the excess weight of these elements. If left unattended, they can cause significant damage and costly repairs. 

Should gutters be removed in winter

The gutter of your home is essential to diverting water away from the foundation of the structure as well as avoiding soil erosion. Removing the gutters of the home is not a consideration. These are a necessity for water flow. A better option would be to remove any gutter guards that are in place. These can cause snow and ice to build up on top of the guard and not enter the gutter. This can be damaging to not only the gutters, but the roof and can cause costly repairs for the homeowner. 

How often should gutters be cleaned

Ideally, gutters should be cleaned at least two times per year, late fall and early spring. These timeframes will work best to prepare and recover from the winter months which can wreak havoc on the gutter system. If you have trees and landscaping that is near your home additional gutter cleanings may need to be done. Many times gutters can be cleaned with tools from the ground and do not require the use of a ladder. 

What to do with gutters in winter

Since the winter months can be harsh with extreme temperatures and inclement weather, it is best to prepare the gutters of your home for these conditions. If your home has a gutter guard system in place, consider removing them for the winter season. This will deter any excess snow and ice buildup on the outside of the gutters. Another tip to keeping water flowing in the gutters is to install a gutter heat tape. This tape is made from butyl rubber-aluminum and will repair any leaks for the winter while being a heat conductor and aid in the melting of snow and ice. Lastly, if snow or ice were to build up on the gutters or roof, simply removing it will allow water to flow and return the gutters to working order.


Even though winter is not the ideal time of year to tend to your gutters, it can be done when necessary. Taking steps to avoid snow, ice, and extreme temperatures from affecting the gutters is always a better solution.