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How many downspouts do I need for 6 inch gutters?

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “what goes up must come down,” and water from the sky must keep going down due to gravity until it reaches either the ocean or an aquifer in the ground. Your home provides a slight interruption to the plans of water, and gently guiding it away from the exterior and foundation is necessary for preventing water damage that occurs when it stands still and is prevented from flowing to the next part of the water cycle. Your gutters are the main line of defense for your foundation, and ensuring they are properly installed with sufficient downspouts can prevent water damage in your home.

What Are Downspouts?

When you think of gutters, you likely think about the horizontal part that lies parallel to your roof. However, an important component of gutters is the downspout. This is the component that is directly in charge of diverting water away from your home, and it plays a key role in preventing foundation damage. For 6 inch gutters, oversized downspouts are necessary for diverting large volumes of water. While the standard 5 inch downspout size is 2 inches by 3 inches, 6 inch gutter downspouts are typically 3 inches by 4 inches. This increased size helps to accommodate the 40% increase in volume of water and higher velocity flow that is characteristic of 6 inch gutters. The gutter downspout rules for installation vary by location, so speaking with an experience professional can help you make the right downspout choice.

How many downspouts per foot of gutter?

How many downspouts per foot of gutter per square foot should I install? The downspout requirements for five and six inch gutters are about the same even though gutter downspout sizes vary. The general guideline for downspouts is one for every 25 feet of gutter, with 40 feet between downspouts being the maximum limit. Depending on the volume of water your gutters handle, which is determined by several factors, including roof pitch, roof surface area, and the climate your home exists in, you may need more downspouts to accommodate water flowing off your home. Ensuring you have enough downspouts is very important, as overflowing water can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation and exterior walls. Determining the correct number of downspouts for your property can be accomplished through speaking with an experienced gutter service provider who can help you decide the right number of downspouts for your 6 inch gutter system.

How far should downspouts extend from the house?

Generally, downspouts will be installed the same day as your 6 inch gutter system. However, new downspouts can be installed anytime by an experienced gutter service provider should you find that your gutters are overflowing. The installation of 6 inch gutters is the same process as 5 inch gutters, and though it may cost a bit more upfront, the peace of mind and home protection that comes from installing 6 inch gutters on homes with large water volumes flowing through their gutter system pays off greatly over time. If you need a 6 inch gutter system or new downspouts, speaking with your gutter service provider about your options is the best way to install downspouts. Another thing to consider is how far downspouts extend from your home. Generally, the guideline of 4 feet is given, though this number varies depending on the soil and slope conditions of your property. Speaking with a gutter service professional about your downspout extensions is the best way to get a good idea of what you may need.

Your gutters are your home’s first line of defense against foundation damage, working with your roof and exterior walls to protect against the elements. An important component of your gutters is the downspouts, which divert water away from your home, so it is crucial to ensure they are properly installed in a sufficient number to accommodate the precipitation flowing from your roof. If you need a gutter service provider with over 20 years of experience to answer questions about your 6 inch gutter system or if you need to learn about installing a new system, contact GutterPros for a consultation!