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Do 6 inch gutters Make a Difference?

Your gutters are one of the most valuable parts of your home, as they protect everything from your fascia boards and exterior to your foundation. Keeping water out is what gutters do best, and ensuring your gutter system is up to snuff for the conditions around your property is important for promoting the longevity of your home. If you happen to see your 5 inch gutters struggling to handle the volume of water coming from your roof, even though they are not clogged or otherwise damaged, it may be a good idea to upgrade to 6 inch gutters. The question of whether large gutters will make a difference depends on your needs as a homeowner.

Are 6 inch gutters worth it?

There are many benefits to oversized gutters and downspouts, the most obvious being that they carry more water. In fact, 6 inch gutters can carry up to 40% more water volume per unit length. This drastic increase is generally enough to compensate for the excess flow from 5 inch gutters. Another benefit of 6 inch gutters is that they get clogged less. This lack of clogging is since the gutter channels are larger and contain fewer tight spots for debris to get caught. Something else that is beneficial about 6 inch gutters is that they can help improve the aesthetic value of your home’s exterior. While more traditional gutters aim to blend seamlessly into your roof outline, choosing to add a bold outline to your home can give it a very polished and distinguished look that is very popular in the home market right now.

Do larger gutters make a difference?

You should absolutely get 6 inch gutters if you are having trouble with your 5 inch gutters. Some of these difficulties may arise in the case of a very steep roof pitch, a large roof surface area, or large amounts of precipitation in your local area. There are many benefits to commercial gutter sizes that may be enticing to you as a homeowner, but determining whether you should get 6 inch gutters is best accomplished through speaking with a professional and experienced gutter agency. Thankfully, 6 inch gutter installation is not too much more expensive than 5 inch gutters; however, there is an increased material cost, as 6 inch gutters, by nature of being larger, require more material.

While 6 inch gutters may not make a difference for every home, if your home happens to be one with a large or steep roof in a high precipitation area, 6 inch gutters could make a huge difference in the longevity of your home’s exterior and foundation. Additionally, 6 inch gutters can make a huge difference in your home’s design, and if you are looking for a bold new exterior, 6 inch gutters might be a great choice for you. If you’re looking for more information about 6 inch gutters and whether they might be right for you, speaking with a professional gutter service provider can be a great next step to determining whether 6 inch gutters would be a great fit. If you need a responsible gutter service agency, contact GutterPros today for a consultation.