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Why use 6 inch gutters

Aren’t 6-inch gutters for commercial properties? Why use 6-inch gutters on a house? Traditionally, they are used for commercial properties; however, modern problems call for modern solutions. With increased roof sizes in residential homes and steeper roof pitches, 6-inch gutters are becoming more necessary for homeowners. There are many reasons why people would consider using 6-inch gutters, some practical and some aesthetic. If you are interested in installing 6-inch gutters on your residential property, getting in contact with your trusted gutter service provider can be a great way to get started.

Why use 6 inch gutters?

6-inch gutters make sense for people who have houses with large roofs (over 1400 square feet), steep roof pitches, or a clogging problem. These are reasons why you would absolutely need to invest in 6-inch gutters. Other things that may inspire you to invest in 6-inch gutters include your home’s appearance, protecting your fascia boards, and reducing the number of times you have to clean your gutters out every year. While putting 6-inch gutters on your home is certainly an investment that costs a little bit more than traditional five-inch gutters, the safety benefits of these gutters pay off in the long run.

Some of the benefits of 6-inch gutters include resistance to clogging, enough space to prevent overflow, and a lack of debris-catching channels. All of these benefits are directly tied to protecting your foundation and exterior from developing water damage. Over time, exposure to moisture can rot your foundation and cause difficulty for the structural integrity of your home. If you happen to be noticing issues with your current five-inch gutter system, it might be a good idea to talk with your trusted gutter service provider about installing 6-inch gutters. 

Why would I need 6 inch gutters?

You may need 6-inch gutters if you are noticing any of the following problems with your current 5-inch gutters: overflowing during rainstorms, excessive clogging due to leaf debris, fascia board damage, or siding damage. These are cases where you would absolutely need 6-inch gutters, but there are a lot of reasons why you may want 6-inch gutters. Most of these reasons have to do with the aesthetic value of your home. 6-inch gutters can be installed in bold colors that become graceful bold lines on the exterior of your house. When installed with home aesthetic design considerations in mind, 6-inch gutters can be the statement piece your home needs to become the most aesthetic property in the neighborhood.

What size gutter is best?

In gutters, size really does matter. Though 6-inch gutter dimensions might not seem that different from 5-inch gutters. There are two major parts of gutters, the main gutter body, and the downspout. Between these two mechanisms, the difference between five and six-inch gutters is about 40% more volume in 6-inch gutters. If you happen to have a large roof surface with a steep pitch, it may be best to invest in 6-inch gutters. However, if you have a smaller house with a shallow roof pitch, five-inch gutters should be just fine. Gutter size is a very subjective choice that depends on your personal needs and the climate in which your property exists. In fact, 5-inch gutters are still what is the most popular gutter size for a house. Additionally, if you’re interested in the aesthetic qualities of 6-inch gutters, you should definitely check out the bold design choices with guttering that are popular in the current home market. The curb appeal boost you get from installing 6-inch gutters can greatly increase your home’s value. If you have questions about 6-inch gutters or want to know more about the installation process, contact GutterPros today for a consultation.