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What is the cost difference between 5 inch and 6 inch gutters?

According to Benjamin Franklin, “a stitch in time saves nine.” This metaphor for life is very applicable when it comes to gutter installation. But what size gutters should you get? In the case that your old 5 inch gutter system wasn’t working effectively, it may be true that you should invest in 6 inch gutters to avoid problems such as foundation damage caused by clogs and overflowing gutters.

Is it better to have 5 or 6 inch gutters?

The choice between 6 inch gutters vs. 5 inch gutters depends on your needs as a homeowner. In many cases, 5 inch gutters are perfectly fine for use within the home, but there are specific cases where it is almost certainly better to use 6 inch gutters. These cases include overflowing 5 inch gutters, excessive clogging, a steep roof pitch, and a large roof surface area. Additional reasons to consider 6 inch gutters are 8″ or 10″ fascia boards on your home and your aesthetic needs.

In the case that your gutters are overflowing due to a combination of roof pitch and surface area, you should most certainly consider 6 inch gutters, which will fix this spillage issue. Additionally, 6 inch gutters are resistant to clogging as they have larger passageways with fewer tight spaces for leaf debris to get stuck. Design may also be an option to consider, as 6 inch gutters can make your larger fascia boards look more proportional and provide a bold contrast with graceful lines to highlight the shape of your roof.

How much do 6 inch gutters cost?

The cost of gutter replacement depends on many factors, including the style and material of your gutters, the length of gutters you need, the number of downspouts used, and the installation cost. Generally speaking, 6 inch gutters cost per foot is between $4 and $10 for most styles, though copper gutters will be more expensive per foot. After the base cost for materials, the installation will also cost money, and that price depends on the labor cost to install gutters, and the pricing given by your gutter service provider. While you are searching for a gutter agency to perform your installation, remember to look for a company with years of experience, great reviews, and trustworthy local testimonials. Look for a service like GutterPros, who strive to give you the best quality service for the best value!

What is the price difference between 5 inch and 6 inch gutters?

By using more material, 6 inch gutters cost more per foot than 5 inch gutters, but they are almost always worth the extra investment as they reduce the risk of excessive rainfall overflow and resist clogging. The price difference between 5 and 6 inch gutters is usually between $0.50 and $1.00 per foot. If you are experiencing leakage and clogging with 5 inch gutters, it may be worth investing slightly more in oversized gutters. The true price difference between 5 inch and 6 inch gutters may be more in favor of 6 inch gutters being cheaper over time, as they reduce the amount of cleaning services needed while also greatly reducing the risk of fascia board and foundation damage.