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Is There a Big Difference Between 5 and 6 Inch Gutters?

One inch doesn’t sound like it would make a huge difference, but in the world of gutters, an inch is significant. Looking at a side-by-side comparison of five and six inch gutters reveals that the cross-sectional area of the 6 inch gutter is significantly larger. This difference may be essential for you to consider in your next gutter reinstallation project, as 6 inch gutters may be necessary for your property. Alongside the size difference, there are also price, efficiency, and aesthetic differences to consider when comparing 5 inch and 6 inch gutters. Is there a big difference between 5 and 6 inch gutters? The answer is up to you!

What is the price difference between 5 and 6 inch gutters?

While the price difference between 5 inch and 6 inch gutters varies depending on location and gutter service provider, it is usually estimated that 6 inch gutters cost about $0.50 to $1.00 more per foot and the labor cost to install gutters is generally the same. However, for a total gutter installation, 6 inch gutters may be cheaper in the long run, requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs. The initial cost to install 6 inch gutters will be more expensive, but they generally last longer and perform better in severe weather. Therefore, performing an analysis of your needs and budget can be helpful in determining whether you should buy 5 inch or 6 inch gutters.

Why use 6 inch gutters?

There are several reasons why you might consider using 6 inch gutters vs. 5 inch for your property. Some of these reasons could include having a large roof surface area over 1400 square feet, having a very steep roof pitch, living in an area with abundant precipitation, residing in an area prone to storms, and trying to avoid clogged gutters. Beyond these practical considerations, 6 inch gutters can enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, making 8 or 10 inch fascia boards appear more proportional, providing distinct lines that contrast between your home’s roof and siding, or simply because 6 inch gutters are currently trendy in today’s housing market. Even if your house doesn’t fit any of these categories, considering investing in 6 inch gutters may still be a good choice for you. Consulting with a responsible gutter professional with years of experience is the best way to determine whether or not 6 inch gutters would be the best choice for you. 

What size gutters are best?

The best gutter size depends on various factors related to your home, your aesthetic preferences, and the climate where you live. For example, if you live in a very small home with a low-pitched roof, 6 inch gutters may be too large, and 5 inch gutters would be the better choice for you. However, if you live in a large home with many connecting gutters and a high likelihood of frequent summer storms, it will likely be advantageous to opt for 6 inch gutters. Alternatively, if you’re looking to enhance your home’s aesthetic value by defining your rooflines boldly, 6 inch gutters may also be suitable for you.

In general, there are no wrong answers when it comes to choosing gutter sizes, but there are a few situations where you should definitely choose 6 inch gutters. These situations include noticing regular spillover from your 5 inch gutters and observing disproportionate damage from storms on your 5 inch gutters. If spillage and damage are not caused by clogs or other typical gutter issues, it may indicate that you need larger gutters for your property. If you need larger gutters from a responsible gutter service provider, contact GutterPros for a consultation!