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Do gutter guards really work?

Yes, gutter guards really do work and perform the job that they are designed for. That being said, they are not 100% maintenance-free. While the micro mesh gutter guards will reduce the amount of debris and leaves that enter the gutters and help the flow of water to the downspouts, there are a few downsides to the micro mesh gutter guards as well. Homeowners will still have to clean the gutters of the home periodically to remove any small particles that may slip through the mesh screen, as well as clean the screen. Dirt and debris can become lodged into the micro mesh gutter guard and reduce the effectiveness of the gutter guard system. Ultimately, gutter guards are worth it and a worthwhile investment for your home.

What are the best gutter guards in consumer reports?

When looking for the best gutter guard on the market today, Consumer Reports rates LeafFilter and GutterGlove as their top picks. These companies tend to have the most gutter guards on the market. There are many factors that make a brand stand-out, such as cost, effectiveness, ease of installation and removal and warranty from the company itself. Doing ample research on a company and their products will help homeowners make a sound decision for their home.

How do you stop heavy rainwater from jumping the gutter?

Weather is unpredictable and heavy rain can happen at any time. So how are homeowners to stop heavy rainwater from jumping out of the gutter? It is a simple fix by installing a splash guard. This is a small L-shaped piece of material that is installed on the outside edge of the gutter to help deter rainwater from leaving the gutter.

What is the number one gutter guard?

An internet search of the number one gutter guard will lead you to Gutter Helmet and Leaf Guard. These two companies have a high rating according to Forbes magazine. Homeowners will still need to do research as to the pros and cons of these companies to make sure that it is the right investment for their home. Deciding which company has the best micro mesh gutter guard system for your home should be the priority of every homeowner. Weighing the benefits of gutter guards and the companies out there will be the best return on investment for your hard earned dollars. 

Is there a downside to gutter guards?

As with any purchase, there are downsides to consider. One of the major downsides is the cost. Different materials and design options can drive the cost rather high. Another con is the fact that the micro mesh gutter guard does not eliminate the need for cleaning. This is a task that will still need to be done periodically.  And lastly, the gutter guard can put a strain on the fascia, resulting in the gutters pulling away from the roof. These factors can add up and have costly effects on the homeowner.