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Heavy rain fall flowing out of gutter spout

Can gutter guards handle heavy rain?

If a homeowner is installing a micro mesh gutter guard onto a home, their main goal is to improve the flow of water away from the structure. By directing water away from the home, it will help to prevent soil erosion near the foundation and the overflow of gutters. Many homeowners have questions surrounding the subject of gutter guards and heavy rain. Let’s answer some of those questions now.

Do all gutters overflow in heavy rain?

While it is impossible to predict if all gutters overflow in heavy rain, there are factors that lead to overflow. If gutters are full of debris and leaves or the integrity of the gutters are compromised, this will lead to gutter overflow. Having a micro mesh gutter guard installed will reduce the amount of debris that enters the gutter, therefore allowing rainwater to flow freely.

Why do my gutters overflow in heavy rain?

During periods of torrential downpours, most gutters can not handle the amount of water that will enter the gutter. Most residential guttering is a 5-inch K-style gutter that will handle normal rain amounts. However, if there is not enough space in the gutter due to debris, leaves and twigs, the gutter will overflow. The installation of a micro mesh gutter guard can deter these elements from entering the gutter.

Do gutter guards increase home value?

Yes. The installation of a micro mesh gutter guard can increase the resale value of a home. The gutter guard system helps to maintain the integrity and functionality of the guttering system on the home. Since the gutter guard keeps dirt and debris from entering the gutter, there is a reduced risk of damage due to an overflow of water. Therefore, reducing the chances of erosion near the foundation of the home.

Can gutter guards handle heavy rain?

Yes. If a homeowner installs the right type of gutter guard, they will have success in handling heavy rain. Micro mesh gutter guards are the best type of gutter guards to handle this type of rainfall. The debris, leaves and twigs sit on top of the mesh, allowing water to enter the gutter and flow freely. To ensure that water will continuously flow, keeping the tops of the gutter guards free of debris will increase the chances that the gutters will not overflow. Another step to ensure that overflows don’t happen is to install a gutter valley splash guard into the gutter. These corner splash guards are popular and effective.

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?

Yes. If a gutter guard is installed properly, they can handle heavy rain very well and disperse water away from the roof, gutter and foundation. These are all factors that homeowners need to consider when thinking about installing a gutter guard system. Water can wreak havoc, removing water and getting it away from the home is the best solution.