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Gutter guard downside

Is there a downside to gutter guards?

Even with micro mesh gutter guards, there are pros and cons. They have a few downsides that need to be considered before installing onto your home. One of the major downsides is the cost. Different materials and design options can drive the cost rather high. Another con is the fact that the micro mesh gutter guard does not eliminate the need for cleaning. This is a task that will still need to be done periodically.  And lastly, the gutter guard can put a strain on the fascia, resulting in the gutters pulling away from the roof. These factors can add up and have costly effects to the homeowner.

Is it better to not have gutter guards?

Whether or not you decide to install gutter guards on your home is ultimately your decision. However, the gutter guard will keep out dirt, debris, twigs and limbs. These are elements that can result in continual clean-out of the gutters, costing the homeowner time and money. That being said, you should consider the environment in which you live. If you do not have a lot of trees or debris that clogs your gutter, then a micro mesh gutter guard may not be necessary for your home. The gutter guard could cause more work for the homeowner.

What are the disadvantages of gutter guards?

One of the lesser talked about disadvantages of gutter guards is the fact that during the winter, ice dams can form that will not allow water to flow freely through the gutter and downspouts. This can cause water to overflow from the gutters and result in soil erosion from the foundation. Another downside of gutter guards is that moss, mold and algae can grow and deter water from flowing. This will result in added costs to have the gutter cleaned more often.

Can gutters get clogged with gutter guards?

No matter how small of a micro mesh gutter guard that is installed, gutters and the mesh can become clogged. Gutter guards that are constructed from stainless-steel micro mesh will deter a considerable amount of dirt and debris from the gutters. However, this same dirt and debris can clog into the fine mesh screening causing the gutter guard to not function as intended. When this happens, the micro mesh screening will need to be removed and cleaned to allow water to freely enter the guttering. Make sure to find a micro mesh that will keep out debris, yet not so small to become clogged.

What are common problems about gutter guards?

Not all problems or downsides of gutter guards have to do with the functionality. One of the most common problems is the appearance of the micro mesh gutter guard on your home. Since debris, twigs and leaves cannot enter the gutter, it will accumulate on top of the gutter guard, causing a build-up at the roof line. This can make your house look worn-down and just messy. To eliminate this debris, it will require the tops of the micro mesh gutter guard and guttering to be cleaned. Again, this will cost valuable time and money.