Month: July 2023

Is there a downside to gutter guards?

Gutter guard downside

Even with micro mesh gutter guards, there are pros and cons. They have a few downsides that need to be considered before installing onto your home. One of the major downsides is the cost. Different materials and design options can drive the cost rather high. Another con is the fact that the micro mesh gutter… Read more »

What are the common problems associated with gutter guards?

Problems with gutter guards

Even with all the benefits of gutter guards, there are still cons to consider, along with the pros. Some homeowners may feel that a problem is that the price of a micro mesh gutter guard is too high for the potential problems that can occur with micro mesh gutter guards. The gutter guard does keep… Read more »

Do micromesh gutter guards work?

Micromesh gutter guards

The installation of any micro mesh gutter guard system will not eliminate the need to clean your gutters periodically, nor will it completely put an end to leaves, twigs and debris. But a micro mesh gutter guard will offer many benefits to the homeowner. As with any home improvement, there are pros and cons to… Read more »

Is it better to have Gutter Guards or not?

Better to have gutter guards or not

Most home improvements come with a hefty price tag. Because of the investment, you may want to research if the home improvement is going to help or hinder the functionality of the home. If you are considering the installation of Gutter Guards, you should evaluate if it is better to have them or not. As… Read more »

What is the proper way to install gutter guards?

Gutter guard install

There are different types of gutter guards that can be installed onto your home. The most common type is the micro mesh gutter guard. This type of gutter guard easily clips onto the front of the gutter, while the back edge slides under the shingles. These can be installed by either a professional gutter company… Read more »

How long do micro mesh gutter guards last?

Long-lasting gutter guards

The addition of micro mesh gutter guard installation to your home is no small feat and can be expensive. Even so, the benefits of having gutter guards outweigh not having them on your home. Depending upon the type of material that you choose for your gutter guards, micro mesh gutter guard will last at least… Read more »

How much should gutter guards cost per foot?

Cost of Gutter Guards

If you own your home, then you know that improvements and upgrades are unavoidable. One such improvement is the installation of a micro mesh gutter guard. These systems will aid in the reduction of dirt and debris from entering the gutters and reduce the number of times the homeowner will have to climb a ladder… Read more »

Do mesh gutter guards get clogged?

Plastic Gutter Guards

Home improvements are inevitable when you purchase a house. Updates like a new HVAC system, roof or siding are tried and true and, as a homeowner, you know that these improvements are going to perform as they should for your home. There are other improvements, such as a micro mesh gutter guard that can be… Read more »