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Minimize Soil Erosion this Spring

Minimize Soil Erosion this Spring


Did you know your gutters play a role in minimizing soil erosion? Spring is a season of growth and beauty after a long dormant winter. Unfortunately, for us to experience the beauty and color of spring, rain is necessary! You know the saying; Spring Showers Bring May Flowers. With this heavy spring rain, soil erosion can occur around your property. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do this spring to minimize soil erosion.


Dangers of Soil Erosion


Soil erosion occurs when water or heavy wind causes soil to wash away or deteriorate. While it may not seem like a big deal, erosion can cause foundation problems and ruin your gardens or landscaping. When foundation problems occur, a ripple effect starts to happen, and other essential components of your home will be negatively affected. Soil erosion should not be left untreated.  


Signs of Erosion


Identifying soil erosion is the first step in minimizing its effects. Large puddles in the area surrounding your home or business may be a sign of erosion. Pay attention to exposed roots or plants. Large holes or areas that look like they’ve fallen are a sure sign of erosion. If your home or business has cracks in the foundation, the erosion around your property is extensive and needs immediate attention.  


Causes of Erosion


Erosion can occur from cumulative rains or one heavy downpour. It can also occur from improper drainage or an extremely flat yard.  One of the leading causes of soil erosion is a failing gutter system. The goal of gutters is to move water away from your home or business. Water should not damage the side of the building or the landscaping and gardens surrounding a building. If this does occur, the gutter system needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced.


Preventing Erosion


Prevent erosion by regularly maintaining your gutter system. A clear gutter will efficiently move the water to the correct place. Falling and leaky gutters can create puddles of water in areas that are not built to handle large amounts of water. This leads to erosion. Another way to prevent erosion is to apply mulch around your home or building. This barrier will prevent the soil from being washed away.


Schedule an Inspection Today


As a leading provider for gutter services, GutterPros will evaluate your gutter system for free. Our technicians can spot signs of erosion that may be caused by a failing gutter system. Inspecting your gutters for damage and cleaning your gutters is essential to preventing and correcting soil erosion this spring.