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Preparing Your Gutters for Spring

Helping Your Gutters Transition from Winter

It’s raining, it’s pouring. Are your gutters snoring? While going dormant for winter is a trait existing within many natural (and man-made) elements, your gutters can’t sleep any longer! During the Winter, gutters still serve a very important but somewhat relaxed purpose: carrying snow and ice melt away from your home. However, after this short break from rain ends, Spring is already knocking at the door with plenty of rainstorms in hand. Preparing for spring weather through gutter maintenance and repair is crucial for promoting the longevity of your gutter system.

Spring Showers

The human condition is one that we cannot yet control the weather to a large extent, and as such, rain indiscriminately strikes everything within its reach, including your roof. However, roofs are designed for this and gently carry the rain off their slopes. A question arises once the rain reaches the bottom of the roof: where does it go next? If there are no gutters in your home or business, the runoff has no choice but to fall directly beside the structure, where it can then wreak havoc over time in your walls and foundation.


According to, St. Louis and surrounding areas face an onslaught of 10.5 inches of rain throughout the spring season. This may not sound like much but remember one inch of water is 6 gallons per square yard according to the USGS guidelines. Having gutters can save you huge amounts of money as a preventative measure. They divert all this springtime rain to a safe place away from your foundation, removing much of the risk water damage poses to your home or commercial property. Springtime is no joke for gutters– it is by far their busiest season. Taking care of your gutters before, during, and after springtime gives them the best chance of fighting water damage for many seasons to come.

Maintenance and Inspection Guide

As a responsible gutter owner, you likely performed the necessary pre-winter inspection and maintenance. This is the most dangerous time for gutters as they face freezing and warping if they are not properly cleaned out before the temperature drops below freezing. However, Spring gutter maintenance is just as important as the winter precipitation and buildup of snow and ice may have damaged your gutters, and repairing these issues before the rains arrive in full force saves time and effort.


The first step to gutter maintenance is evaluation. Regular evaluations should be performed by a professional gutter service at least once a year, but you can also check throughout the year that your gutters are working properly. Spring is the best time to start. Perform a visual survey of your gutter system, checking for damage such as warping or holes. After this, look for debris and clogs. It is often best to perform an evaluation on a rainy day so you can locate small leaks that would otherwise be hidden. If you notice any issues, it is a good idea to call an experienced gutter service provider to resolve the problem quickly and effectively before it becomes a larger issue. 

Final Thoughts

Time marches on and being prepared for the incoming Spring rains before they arrive will give you peace of mind. With regular maintenance and repair your gutters are sure to be ready to face the rain. If you are unsure about how to maintain or repair your gutters, talking to a professional gutter service can be a great way to ask questions and ensure your gutters are rain-ready. Don’t wait to maintain and repair your gutters! If you need a professional gutter service, contact GutterPros for a free estimate.