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Gutter Maintenance for Commercial Properties

A Brief Guide to Commercial Gutter Maintenance

You’re likely familiar with the benefits your gutters provide to your commercial property. In addition to preventing runoff from damaging your well-manicured landscaping, gutters also reduce the risk of wall and foundation damage by diverting water to a safe place. However, your gutters can only do their job if they are well maintained properly.

The Importance of Maintenance

Without maintenance, gutters easily develop leaks, holes, clogs, and other issues that can be dangerous to your property, but they are easily treated by professionals! Scheduling regular maintenance and repair is crucial to promoting the health of your gutters and increasing their longevity, this saves time and money in the future. 

A Proper Procedure

Maintaining commercial gutters is a little different than residential gutters because of the sheer size and volume of water transported by commercial gutters. Not only are the systems larger, heavier, and more expensive, they are harder to repair and maintain. Commercial gutters should not be maintained by property owners unless they are extensively experienced in gutter repair and maintenance, this is truly a job best left to the professionals. The first step to maintaining your commercial gutters is locating a gutter service that can handle your needs. 

Locating A Provider

Performing a quick search online can help you locate responsible and local gutter services. If they are prepared to handle a commercial property, they will likely have a section on their website dedicated to commercial gutter repair, replacement, and maintenance. Experience matters, so doing your research can help you achieve the best quality maintenance for the best price. 

Asking Questions

Asking your gutter professional about their services is the best way to ensure your gutters can be properly maintained. It is important to be clear about your needs including the size of your property, proximity to trees, timing of services, and budgeting. Promoting a clear conversation is the best way to engage with a responsible gutter service provider. 

Preventative Measures

In a way, the entire gutter industry is involved with preventative measures. Gutters themselves are preventative measure for water damage. It turns out that the best way to maintain gutters is also through managing and reducing risks. Common issues that face gutters include leaks and clogs. 


Leaky gutters are generally an easy fix for experienced gutter service providers, and so are clogs, requiring a few hours to break up the debris and send it to a safer place. Fixing leaks and clogs early ensures your gutters will not be negatively impacted. Leaks pose a risk to your foundation, and clogs pose a risk to your gutters themselves. In the summertime, clogs may result in overflowing gutters. However, in winter, clogs often freeze and warp or break gutters resulting in expensive damage, so early treatment is the best medicine. 

Final Thoughts

The gutters on your commercial property really carry their weight and preventing water damage from your walls and Foundation. Taking the time to locate a responsible gutter service that can assist you with maintenance and repairs is the best way to ensure your gutters last as long as possible without a replacement. If you need a professional gutter service with over 22 years of experience, contact GutterPros for a free estimate.