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Gutters to Adore: Decorations Galore

Boo! Starting with Halloween and ending with New Years, the holiday season fills the latter portion of the year with excitement and decorating the exterior of your home is the best way to show off your holiday spirit. Beyond showing up to work in costume or wearing a Santa hat to the store. You can up your holiday decorations game by safely utilizing the vertical space provided by your gutters!

Deck the Gutters

You may have never considered your gutters as a medium for promoting festivity, but they can be a great asset when used responsibly. Taking a few moments to search the internet and gain inspiration about gutter decorations will likely leave you wanting to bedazzle your home in this new and exciting fashion!

Using your gutters as a place to hang decorations will make your home’s exterior match the season fully. Beyond simple yard decorations, you can use your gutters to hang large ghostly figures for Halloween, turkey cutouts for thanksgiving, Christmas lights for the holidays, and even new year’s themed decor! The options are limitless for tasteful and fun holiday decor. 

Bring in the Holiday Season

If you are enthusiastic about the holidays, you likely have many traditions related to decorating, and enjoying time with the family. Taking the time to decorate your home’s exterior with your family can even be made into a new family or neighborhood tradition to build connections and spark joy; these memories can last a lifetime! Decorations can even be made with recycled materials which means they are both budget and environmentally friendly, not to mention that making decorations can provide a fun creative outlet for everyone involved. Have fun with it!

Safely Decorating

An often-neglected component of holiday decorating is safety. Whether you scale a ladder or not, taking a moment to assess your surroundings and ensure that you and others are free from danger will keep everyone safe and in a festive mood. The major safety concerns when decorating for the holidays include height and electricity though some other hazards such as tripping may present themselves depending on your specific decor. Make sure that only adults are using ladders on stable surfaces while avoiding standing on the top rung, additionally, do not let children near exposed outlets or wires.

In addition to personal safety, the health of your home’s exterior must be considered because some decorations are hazardous. Using proper light clips on your gutters for lighting and ensuring you are using lightweight gutter decorations that are attached correctly prevents you from having to pay costly repair bills. Your gutters and siding are an asset to your home beyond holding decorations and keeping them safe will preserve your home’s structural integrity.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is just around the corner, bringing joy and plenty of family time! As you begin decorating, remember your gutters can be a useful tool in hanging vertical decorations, but be sure to remain safe and decorate responsibly to ensure your gutters remain secure! If you have any questions about safe decorations or need a gutter repair or replacement, contact GutterPros for a free consultation!