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Healthy Gutters, Happy Foundation


Gutters are great. It’s a fact that you likely know, but it’s good to reiterate the very special purpose of gutters. They are perched up on the roof, so it seems like they wouldn’t have much of an impact on the lower half of your home or business, but they serve as your foundation’s primary line of defense against the elements. Keeping your gutters healthy and ready to face precipitation, wind, extreme cold, and intense heat will in turn keep your home or business safe from harm!

How Firm a Foundation

You hear about people being firmly rooted, solid, and ready to take on every blow that life may send their way, but what about buildings? Ideally, buildings will also be rooted firmly in the earth with a strong foundation that connects the main structure to areas of solid ground beneath the primary layers of soil. However, these firm roots can soften over time when they are exposed to water. Being in the soil, your foundation experiences some exposure to moisture constantly, but water pooling around the outside of the foundation can cause major structural damage.

Foundation Talk

How does pooled water cause the decay of a foundation? It is a gradual process, but there are several ways in which water can cause harm. Primarily, water weakens your foundation through dissolving and corroding materials within the foundation itself. Additionally, water can be responsible for causing the ground under your home or business to shift which often causes cracks in your foundation. Thirdly, when water is present during the colder months, it may enter a freeze-thaw cycle that can greatly damage your foundation as water expands when it freezes.

Gutters can prevent much of this harm from happening as they use gravity to divert water away from your foundation. When the risk of rainwater pooling at your foundation after any precipitation event is abated, then your mind can be set at ease. However, it is very important to monitor your gutters to make sure they are working properly and are free from damage.

Healthy Homes and Businesses

Healthy homes and businesses start with healthy gutters, and the best way to make sure your gutters stay ready for the elements is to perform regular inspections and maintenance on them. Taking a moment to inspect your gutters when it rains is a great way to prevent major gutter damage in the future because noticing small leaks will allow you to take proper action to repair your gutters before damage occurs.

Further, making sure your gutters are free from debris, particularly entering winter and spring can save you from damage to your foundation and to the gutters themselves as clogs can cause gutter flooding and warping when they freeze during the winter. If you notice that your gutters need maintenance or repairs and you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, it is a good idea to call an experienced guttering service.

Final Thoughts

Your gutters are always standing guard against precipitation to protect your foundation, so it makes sense that you would give them the best chance at diverting rainwater effectively. If your gutters need a repair or maintenance, or if you would like a consultation for gutter replacement, and you would like an experienced service provider, contact Gutter Pros today for more information!