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Springing to Summer: Are Your Gutters Prepared?

Spring has certainly sprung forth, the wildflowers are blooming, it’s getting rainier by the day, and the world is starting to warm up in preparation for Summer! You are likely celebrating the greenest time of the year, going on more walks, enjoying the mild sunlight, cleaning up winter debris, and getting started on gardening, but are your gutters also celebrating the arrival of spring?

Well-Seasoned Advice

As Winter ends, taking a moment to evaluate the health of your gutters is a great idea to ensure they are functioning properly. Your gutters work hard to divert rainwater away from your foundation whenever bad weather strikes, but like anything else, they malfunction eventually. Unfortunately, your gutters can’t take a nap or drink some coffee when they’re feeling sluggish, but there are solutions for when your gutters aren’t doing so well!

As your gutters begin to age, they are more likely to face hiccups including leaks, clogs, and loosening of components. These are not big issues on their own, but they do require attention to avoid larger issues. Therefore, inspecting your gutters semi-regularly is important as it can help you catch and address little issues before they turn into larger ones. If you notice damage to your gutters, talking to a professional gutter service can be a wonderful starting place if you are unsure about how to resolve the issue. Some small gutter issues to watch out for are leaks, separation from the roof, clogs, flooding, and loose components. Many of these can only be seen in rainy weather or if you run water through your gutters, but if you have a spare moment and it’s been a while since you’ve checked on the health of your gutters it never hurts to perform a quick visual inspection.

Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade

Spring rains make summer wildflowers and greenery possible, so maybe sometimes it’s good to let it literally rain on your parade, though metaphorically, not so much. Being alert and monitoring your gutters for signs of damage is a great thing to do, and scheduling inspections by your trusted gutter service provider if you expect something is amiss will help you stay certain your gutters are ready for the weather they will unavoidably face.

The great news is that with regular maintenance and timely repairs, your gutters will stay healthy for a long time which will save you money in the long run as you will not have to pay for unnecessary replacements or expensive fixes for once-small issues. Your gutters and wallet will thank you for paying attention to the health of the exterior of your home.

Final Thoughts

The winds of seasonal change are carrying more spring rain to your home, and your gutters deserve the best fighting chance at taking on the challenge that the elements pose. Getting your gutters repaired before the brunt of the springtime weather takes its toll is crucial for keeping your home’s roof and foundation free of harm. If you need gutter repair, replacement, or maintenance, contact Gutter Pros at (314) 656-7195 for a free consultation from an experienced service provider.