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Continuous Gutters: What You Need to Know

Throughout the years, gutters have changed and advanced, offering more profiles and options to make gutters look more appealing. Due to these changes, continuous gutters, or seamless gutters, have been created. They signify an improvement on all fronts, including the amount of water they can hold and their durability against outside elements.

So, what exactly are continuous gutters, you might ask? You have probably seen them more than you know. You are likely to find them on industrial buildings and commercial establishments. When you first look at them, continuous gutters already seem to be more stylish than sectioned gutters. Besides their appealing looks, continuous gutters do have many more advantages that make them last longer and work more efficiently.

Advantages of Continuous Gutters

The main purpose of all gutter systems is to catch and redirect rainwater. However, continuous gutters have a few extra advantages that make them more effective.

  • They have no seams separating their parts which makes them easier to clean. There are also fewer opportunities of clogging and the debris caught inside can be discarded with less frustration.
  • Fewer seams also mean fewer leaks since there is literally no gaps for the water to slip through.
  • Only need joints on the corners on the instances where the gutter must loop around the building.
  • They hold more water which makes them more effective during powerful, long rainstorms.
  • They are stronger and more resistant to damage; therefore, you can expect them to last longer than sectioned gutters without a lot of repairs in between.

Continuous gutters have the option of being customized in different ways so they can fit the building’s measurements more effectively. They can be modified to different shapes and angles while bringing a variety of new aesthetic options.

Installing Continuous Gutters

It is possible to install continuous gutters yourself; however, there is a reason why continuous gutters fit just right under almost any roof, and that has a lot to do with the contractor’s skills and resources. When installing the system yourself, there is much more room for mistakes, resulting in gutter malfunction and leaks. Therefore, there is no excuse not to hire a professional to install them for you. The following are reasons you should hire a professional:

  • You won’t be putting yourself in harms way while trying an unfamiliar process while suspended below your roof. Installing regular gutters is risky enough once the pieces have been put together, but installing continuous gutters involves connecting an even bigger piece of aluminum/metal under your roof’s edge. This usually takes more than one person to do. A professional knows the process and knows how to use their tools while climbing up a roof.
  • Contractors who have been installing gutters for a long time have skills they have acquired from years of experience. They can work quickly yet efficiently, providing you with quality gutters. Seasoned installers also have high-quality equipment that will go above and beyond anything you could get from a standard supplier.
  • Professional gutter installation companies can customize your gutters to fit your roof on all ends.
  • When doing research on cost of a homemade gutter versus a professional gutter, you might find that a homemade gutter is cheaper. That is expected because there is no special equipment or labor costs to think about. However, having your gutter installed professionally is the best option long-term because you will be lowering maintenance costs while stopping leaks and other damages. This not only saves you money spent on repairing or replacing the gutter, but it will also stop any deterioration caused by a leaky gutter.

When it comes to gutter installation and maintenance, GutterPros is your best option. Our dedicated, trained employees are experts in how to make your gutters work and look their best. To get in touch with our team, call us at (314) 656-7195. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide a free estimate!