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Gutter Guards

Are you tired of the continual maintenance that your home’s gutter system requires? Tired of bringing out the ladder just to spend an entire days work trying to clear out whatever has been collecting over the year in the gutter – hoping you won’t come across a dead rodent? Is cleaning your home’s gutter system one of the last things on your “to-do” list because it’s such a tedious task or maybe even too dangerous to take the risk of injury? If so, a gutter guard can be a great option to consider!

A gutter guard attaches to the rain gutter system of a home to filter out blockages caused by leaves, debris or animals – preventing any clogs, floods or damage to your home.

Here are some ways that a gutter guard can be used as a preventative measure towards the integrity of your home:

Prevent Clogging

A gutter system has the potential to cause damage to your home if it has become clogged. Clogged gutters can cause excess water to overflow and collect around the foundation of your home. This can cause cracks in the foundation and lead to leaks in the basement.

They can also cause water leaks inside other areas of your home, like the attic, leading to black mold and possible electrical fires. All of these problems can lead to unnecessary costly repairs.

Increased Water Flow

With a gutter guard, it can help to prevent build-up of debris and can increase the water flow throughout your gutter system. Water sitting in a gutter for a long period of time can have the potential to leak into the home’s roof and cause the tiles to break and the wood inside of the attic to rot. Using a gutter guard can help to avoid this issue and to save you money on roof repair.

Water sitting in a gutter for a long period of time can also be a breeding zone for multiple insects such as mosquitoes and spiders. It is also common for small rodents such as mice to create their homes inside the gutters, causing extra weight and pressure and the possibility of the gutter breaking away from the home. Using a gutter guard can help to avoid these issues.

Reduced Maintenance

Using a gutter guard can reduce the time it takes for routine maintenance of your gutters. While a gutter guard cannot keep everything from falling through to the gutter, it can help with the bigger items such as sticks, pine cones and small animals. By reducing the occurrence of larger blockages, it can allow for the smaller items to flow through without complication, which means that it will mean less time outside working – especially in the colder months!

Your time is important as well as is your safety! If you worry about the risk of injury by getting up on a ladder, especially with a multi-level home, a gutter guard is an easy way to reduce the time it takes to keep things running smoothly with your gutter system. It is best to reach out to a professional who can discuss if a gutter guard is a good investment for you and your home.