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Ice Ice Baby: Is It a Problem?

When the weather outside is frightful and snow is coming down it’s natural to have sheets of ice build-up on the roof. Unfortunately, this can turn into a problem for many with rain gutters. Whether it’s ice sheets or it’s just a few icicles there are quite a few things to consider and take into account regarding your gutters.

So what kinds of problems do ice and your gutters have? Let’s take a look at the potential threat and what it means! 

Ice dams 

Ice dams are the biggest concern when it comes to your gutters. This is when the water fills up in the gutter but doesn’t drain out, eventually the water freezes which can lead to several problems. 

  1. Can tear off the gutter completely from the house when it becomes too heavy.
  2. Can loosen your shingles on your house. 
  3. Water can get backed up and end up with leaks in your house. 

This is because the water and melting snow can not drain properly through the gutters because of the dam created. 


Most will think that icicles are harmless other than when you are walking underneath them. But the truth is they can also be a problem with your gutters. Icicles, in general, are usually a precursor to ice dams. But most people think that the best way to remove icicles from their gutters is to knock them down. 

While this is first dangerous to yourself it is also an easy way to damage your home or the gutters. There is also the chance that you rip the gutter down because of how stuck on there it is. 

So how do you fix them?

The Best Action

While there are many different ways you can handle this )heated gutters) heated cables are one of the best ways to do this. You can easily attach this to your roof to prevent ice build-up in these areas. Another great way is using an aluminum roof rake to remove major areas of snow on the roof that end up contributing to the ice dam. This is more of a preventative method along with the heated cables. 

There are more permanent methods that you can work with like adding more insulation to your roof and house that naturally keep the temperature a bit warmer. You can also cap the hatch. This means sealing up where an attic would naturally let the air out. 

Preventative Care

The best thing to do is to take action before it’s too late. Because icicles are usually a sign that an ice dam is building, it’s best to try and fix this between storms if possible. While some people think it is fine to leave them, not only can it damage your gutters but it can damage your house. 

Leaks inside the house become the final step of an uncared-for ice dam. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take preventative measures yourself or call a professional service today!