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Top Tools For Winter Cleaning

With winter around the corner, all house owners start to worry about the same pain in the neck problems. The gutters! Cleaning and preparing the gutters for the winter is not an easy task which is why there are a few tips and tricks you can use with specialized tools to make your life a lot easier. 

Most people try to use their own tools or apply methods that in turn can break your gutters. This is always frustrating for customers because any damage usually caused by the client themselves isn’t covered under any warranty. This is why it’s especially important to use specialized winter tools to help clean your gutters. 

Roof Rakes

One of the most important things to do in the winter is getting the snow off your roof that will slide down into your gutters and freeze. Most people don’t even bother because their roofs are too difficult to reach. That’s why a roof rake can be particularly useful. They are extended rakes that have a variety of extensions ranging in size to get the job done. 

Most home improvement stores will have a section where you can buy these. Just make sure not to wait till the big storm!

Wet/Dry Vacs

Outdoor vacuums are a great solution pre=snow. Once it snows you won’t be able to use these but you can before it starts to come down. This helps clean out all the gutter debris before it freezes or gets bogged down with the snowfall. 

Secure Ladders 

Another reason that many don’t want to get up higher to reach their roofs is that they don’t trust the ladders they currently have. There are a number of great quality ladders out there that are perfect for getting closer to your roof. A ladder such as a stepping stool can actually be dangerous but a ladder that allows itself to stabilize is a great option. It also allows you to work in combination with the previously mentioned tools with much more ease. 

Combo Effort

While you certainly can’t just work with a ladder, technically speaking you can just use a roof rake by itself or a wet/dry vac. Having said that, all these tools are used better in combination with each other. Use the dry vac and ladder first to get the debris out in preparation for the storm. Then you can use the roof rake and ladder together when the snow comes down. 

Most people will not bother with any prep for winter which can lead to some serious damage. Worse some people will try to use shovels or hard metal materials to clean their roof off and end up hitting their gutters. If the gutters are frozen this can lead to cracks which would ultimately ruin the gutters. 

This is why the investment in both money and time is well worth it. Because in the end you are protecting your gutters a lot better during the winter.