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Does My Building Need Rain Gutters?

If you’re building a home or an office, you may be wondering about the necessity of rain gutters. There are a number of things that contribute to this decision, but generally gutters are a good idea for any building. Are there exceptions to this? Of course! There are exceptions to most rules. If you’re weighing your decisions when it comes to gutters, keep reading. We provide all you need to know to make an informed decision about your gutter guessing!

What is the Purpose of Gutters?

Gutters, or rain gutters, serve a number of purposes. One of the common uses of gutters is to keep water from drenching people as they enter and exit buildings. While this is an excellent use of gutters, they do so much more than keep people from being soaked.

Gutters Protect Structures

Water is one of the most erosive substances on the planet. It’s responsible for massive natural wonders, like the Grand Canyon. If water can carve out something as large as that, imagine what it can do to a building! Rain gutters help prevent standing water, which can seep into buildings. It also prevents water from eroding the surfaces below roofs, like lawns or siding.

Gutters Provide Water

More appropriately, gutters guide water to places that need it. Many people have taken to using gutters to collect and disperse rainwater. They can be directly linked to rain barrels, or they can send it to an indoor irrigation system (think greenhouse). Without rain gutters, most of this water would soak back into the earth elsewhere. Gutters put it to use.

When Are Gutters Necessary?

There are more than a few applications in which gutters are an absolute must. As such, if your structure fits these scenarios, you should be considering rain gutters as part of your build.

A Roof Without an Overhang

If your roof has no overhang, or it has a minimal overhang, you’re going to need gutters. Without them, water will surely pool near the foundation of your building. It can also run off of the roof and damage natural components below, like the lawn or flowerbeds.

Your Area Sees A Lot of Rainfall

If your area is seeing a lot of rainfall, then gutters are necessary. It doesn’t matter how much overhang you have, or what is below the roof, constant running water will wear anything away. As such, gutters can redirect this water more appropriately, saving you future heartache.

Situations Where Gutters May Not Be Necessary

These are a few situations when gutters may not be necessary:

-Your roof has an overhang of at least 12 inches
– Water running off the roof hits concrete (like a sidewalk)
– The building has a slope around it, preventing water from running
– Your climate is arid, and rain is rare

Key Takeaways

Here in Missouri, rain is common. As such, gutters are necessary for many structures. They help prevent people from getting wet, sure, but they also protect your investments. If you’re looking for professionally installed gutters, keep Gutter Pros in mind. Give us a call to get started with your gutters today!