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Painting Gutters: The Ins and Outs

The end of summer means that temperatures are starting to cool off. There’s a nice window of opportunity to get outdoor chores done before it gets too cold, and after the summer rain storms have stopped. One of those chores might be painting your house! Painting your gutters alongside your house is a great way to keep everything looking fresh and proper. Keep reading about how to paint your gutters the right way!

Step One: Prepare the Surface of Your Gutters

In painting, preparation is key. As such, you should make sure to take the proper steps to prepare your gutters for paint. First, they need to be cleaned. Having spotless gutters ensures that the surface is being painted, and nothing else that may peel off later on. Make sure you clean them especially well.

After cleaning them, it’s important to disassemble them partially. The braces need to be removed so that the surface underneath them can be cleaned and painted. Gutters are able to move slightly, so if the surface under the braces aren’t painted you’ll be able to see it.

Step Two: Prime the Surface

When painting a smooth surface like that of a gutter, priming is key for an even coat. Apply primer to all surfaces receiving paint. Primer’s job is to make sure that the paint that’s put on top adheres correctly.

There are two primer options available for gutters. You have the traditional oil-based primers, and then you also have clear acrylic bonding primers. After all surfaces have been covered adequately, don’t touch it! It needs time to bond to the gutter. Allow it to sit for about 48 hours.

Step Three: Apply Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is the best defense your gutters have against deterioration moving forward. They’re a protective paint that prevents rust, and can keep your gutters functional for longer. Enamel paint needs to be left alone after being applied for about 24 hours.

Step Four: Apply the First Coat of Paint

After enamel paint has been applied, it’s time to start applying the first coat of your standard paint! It needs to be applied in smooth, even coats. It’s important that all surfaces are covered, otherwise you’ll be coming back later to fix problem areas. Applying the first coat properly gives gutters a beautiful, professional look.

Step Five: Apply the Second, Final Coat

Around 24 hours after the first coat is applied, a second coat can be painted onto your gutters. This coat is used to even out any thin spots on the gutters, as these are inevitable. The second layer should be applied evenly, just like the first was. After it’s been applied, you’ll be good to go! You’ve got good looking, painted gutters.

Key Takeaways

While painted gutters look nice, they also serve a functional purpose. When paint is applied properly and regularly, it prevents gutters from wearing out. To keep your gutters looking great, be sure to clean them regularly, and paint as needed. They face a surprising amount of wear and tear, after all.

If you think your gutters need some work done, or they need regular maintenance, be sure to give us a call at Gutter Pros! We’re here to take care of all of your gutter needs.